Rolling out Help@hand

Help@hand provides fast, direct access to five health and wellbeing services through one easy-to-use app.

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This page is designed to provide you with a suggested rollout plan for Help@hand, so you can communicate the service it offers in a timely manner and get the best possible level of engagement from your employees.

Of course, every business is different, so feel free to use those sections of our plan that work best for you.

Employer checklist

Before you get started, we recommend you download our useful hints and tips checklist. This will provide you with a handy set of reminders that you can tick off throughout your rollout plan.

Useful resources

Rollout checklist

1 to 4 weeks before launch

To get the best possible level of awareness and uptake, we know how important it is to communicate your new service as early as possible. Ideally, you should explain why you’ve decided to roll it out, and let your employees know what they can expect in the coming days and weeks.

We’ve created a useful email template to send out before you launch Help@hand, as well as screen displays and posters you can use to promote its services.

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1 to 7 days before launch

Your employees will hopefully now already be aware your business has chosen to rollout Help@hand and provided them with information on what to expect next - so a reminder email the week before launch shouldn't come as a surprise.

We recommend this email has a little more detail than those you sent out previously - so we've created a useful template email to get you started.

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Launch day

The day has finally arrived to launch Help@hand!

At this stage, you should’ve uploaded your employee details on the Help@hand Admin Portal and ticked off the parts that are relevant on the employer checklist. Next, your employees will shortly be receiving their automated welcome emails with their unique login details.

Even though you’ve already made your employees aware that Help@hand is launching, an email from your nominated spokesperson on the day of the launch could be a useful addition.

Sometimes, people can be sceptical about emails from third-party providers, or they may have been on holiday and missed your original emails and rollout activity. So one last email on the day of the launch can often help provide that extra level of clarity.

It’s also now a perfect opportunity to remove your 'coming soon' screen display and posters, and replace them with the new 'download now' versions.

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1 to 2 weeks after launch

It's easy to think that after launching the service, promoting it to your employees, and sending out the welcome emails, there's nothing more to do.

But we'd recommend sending out a reminder email when you feel that the time is right. Someone may have had the best intentions to download the app, only to forget because other priorities took over.

You've done the hard work to raise the awareness and launch the service, so you don't want to let the momentum slip.

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And finally...

If you experience any issues with the platform or rollout of Help@hand along the way, simply email:

Our dedicated Help@hand team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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