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Helping employees maintain good oral health

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Unum's dental products

A benefit that helps employees with the cost of routine and essential dental treatments, with a wide range of flexible products to suit your business and budget


Six levels of increasing cover laid out in a straightforward menu format.


Offers 5 levels of percentage reimbursement cover with treatments split across three categories: Preventative, minor and major.

What is Dental cover?

Dental cover is an insurance policy which offers employees and their insured dependants (at an additional cost) help with the cost of both minor or major dental care such as check-ups, hygienist visits, fillings, crowns and even dental implants (not available on all policies). It reimburses insured individuals for eligible treatments up to the policy benefit limits.*

*Cover levels, annual limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to a benefit schedule for full details.

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How does it work?

Dental cover can be funded by:

  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Both employers and employees (i.e. the employer funds a basic level of cover and employees can opt to upgrade)

Employees can also opt to add partners and/or children to their policy at an additional cost.

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Why Dental cover?

Finding an NHS dentist is increasingly tricky. Moreover, NHS adult dental charges are reviewed regularly — in England they have increased cumulatively by more than 20% in the past 5 years alone.*

Employees are therefore struggling to access NHS care and receive affordable treatment for themselves and their families.

The alternative to NHS care, private practices, do not have prices set by General Dental Council for private dental treatment and prices will vary from practice to practice.

Unsurprisingly, this makes Dental cover — a health benefit that’s easy to administer, simple to use and one of the most popular flexible health and wellbeing benefits you can offer your employees.

*21% cumulative increase in the cost of the average of the three bands of NHS adult dental charges in England 2016/17 - 2021/22

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Dental features
Key benefits

Cover levels, annual limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to a benefit schedule for full details.

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    100% NHS

    100% reimbursement of NHS charges

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    Immediate cover

    Employees can claim from their policy start date

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    Worldwide cover

    Visit any dentist anywhere in the world

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    Choose any dentist

    Employees can visit any NHS or private practice

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    Fast claims payment

    Employees simply snap a picture of their itemised receipt, upload and submit to our easy, online Unum Dental member portal

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    Child orthodontic cover

    For insured children at an additional cost

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    Retail discounts

    Access to retail discounts and savings powered by BenefitHub
    *BenefitHub Limited is a third-party discounts and benefits provider and is completely independent of Unum Limited

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    Pre-existing conditions

    Cover for pre-existing conditions (excluding mouth cancer)

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    Cover for planned and pending treatments

    Where need for treatment is identified but hasn’t begun

Communicating dental policy Unum

Tools for communicating your Dental Insurance policy

Here is everything you need to engage and promote your Dental benefit to your workforce, helping drive maximum take-up to maintain your employees' oral health. Feel free to use anything you like.

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