Employee benefits that protect businesses and
their staff.

Employee benefits that protect businesses and
their staff.

Help@hand – the health and wellbeing app from Unum

Help@hand provides employees with fast, easy access to four key support services – including a remote GP and mental health support – when they’re needed most.

Available at no additional cost as part of a Unum Group Income protection policy for insured employees, Help@hand is a quick, simple and effective way for businesses to show their employees that they care about their physical and mental wellbeing, while receiving real business benefits.

Wellbeing Calendar

Introducing our new-look 2020 Wellbeing Calendar, an interactive tool that can help you plan your physical, emotional, lifestyle, and financial wellbeing activities for the year ahead.

The calendar includes a number of useful resources, including:

- awareness dates
- webinars
- podcasts
- articles


Mental Health Hub

In 2016, a massive 41% of businesses reported an increase in mental health problems such as anxiety and depression2.This supports our own claims experience which shows that mental health accounted for 17% of all our Group Income Protection claims in 20173, second only to cancer. Take a look at our mental health hub to see what you can do to help safeguard your employees’ mental wellbeing.

Visit the mental health hub

2 CIPD ‘Absence Management Report’ 2016
3 Unum’s Annual Group Income Protection Claims Statement. 2017


Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Over half of employers (54%) have no wellbeing strategy in place4. But where do they start when it comes to such a broad subject? From creating or reviewing your wellbeing strategy to interactive workshops that help you support your employees’ wellbeing, our workplace wellbeing hub has resources to help.

Go to the workplace wellbeing hub

4 Reba ‘Employee Wellbeing Research’ 2017

The workplace trends and statistics we're seeing

steps to wellbeing

9 steps to wellbeing on a budget in 2020


Unum launches enhanced EAP offering

A comprehensive employee benefits package can help businesses protect themselves and their employees, recruit and retain top talent and enhance employee wellbeing.
Cover depends on scheme level - terms and conditions apply.

Life Insurance

Helping you give your employees and their family peace of mind. Group Life Insurance pays your employee’s loved ones a tax-free lump sum in the event of an employee's untimely death.

Services: EAP (inc. face-to-face counselling for bereavement, and practical help & legal help support for employers), Master Trust, Mental Health Pathway & online training workshops


Group Income Protection

Helping you manage sickness absence and the associated costs. Group Income Protection pays a percentage of an employee’s salary if they’re long-term ill or injured and can’t work. Payments begin after they’ve been off work for a defined period of time.

Services: EAP (inc. face-to-face counselling and legal support for employers), rehabilitation support and helpline, Mental Health Pathway & online training workshops. For insured employees, Help@hand - four medical support services, accessible via one app


Critical Illness

Helping you support your employee through a life-changing illness. Group Critical Illness provides your employee with a lump sum after they survive a covered critical illness for 14 days.

Services: Cancer support service provided by Harley Street Concierge, EAP including legal support for employers, Mental Health Pathway & online training workshops.


Sick Pay Insurance

Designed to complement your existing sick pay scheme, Sick Pay Insurance pays a percentage of your employee’s salary if they’re short-term ill or injured and can’t work. Payments begin after they’ve been off work for a defined period of time.

Services: EAP inc. face-to-face counselling and legal support for employers, rehabilitation support and helpline, Mental Health Pathway & online training workshops .


Unum Dental

Helping make dental treatment more affordable to your employees, Unum Dental offers a wide range of flexible products to suit all businesses and budgets, so your employees can access quality dental and oral care.


Unum Optical

Helping to ensure your employees get regular eye tests, Unum Optical works in conjunction with corporate eye care vouchers and the NHS and includes reimbursement towards employees' glasses and contact lenses..


Whether you're looking to change an existing staff benefits package, or a first-time look at what’s on offer, we’ll gladly provide a no-obligation quote.


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Making a claim under your insurance should be simple. So we were delighted that in 2018, 97% of the customers we surveyed were either 'highly satisfied' or 'satisfied' with our claims process.

Group Income Protection, Life & Critical Illness

For all the information you need to make a claim, including claim forms, click on the relevant product below. If you’re not sure which product you have, or you’d rather speak to someone to make your claim, please call our claims team on 01306 873 243.

Group Income Protection

Group Life

Group Critical Illness

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Dental and Optical

You can log in to our online portal at any time to submit a claim and keep up to date on your benefit limits throughout the policy year. Please include proof of payment for your treatment when submitting a claim. Unfortunately we’re unable to process your claim without it.

Or, if you’ve got a question about an existing claim or recent settlement, please give us a call or send us an email.

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At the end of 2018. Unum protected over 1.4 million people in the UK and paid claims of £314 million – representing in excess of £6 million a week in benefits to our customers – providing security and peace of mind to individuals and their families.

And, with the support of our rehab team, 1106 people with serious health problems were able to get back to work.

£5.9 million

Unum’s commitment to its customers, its employees and its communities
is reflected by the recognition we receive for our work.

Proud Employer, Stonewall, 2017-2019
Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark
Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark, Charities Aid Foundation, 2013-2019
Cover excellence Awards, 2016