Who should make the claim?

Employees: you do not need to download any forms from our website; your employer will provide you with any claim forms you need to fill in and tell you how, when and where to return them.

Employers: as the policyholder you need to submit the Group Income Protection claim. You can access all the information you need to do this, including downloadable claim forms on this page.

How to make your claim

You can submit your claim to us on paper, by email or simply by calling us on 01306 873243.

You can download all the forms you and your employee need to fill in for your claim from the table, below:

Form No. of copies to print Filled in by Send to
Employer claim form 1 Employer Unum
Employee claim form 1 Employee Unum
Consent form 2 Employee Unum
Employee Their GP
Your Statutory Rights 1 Employee N/A. For the employee to keep
Request for copies of medical records form 1 Employee Their GP who should return the form directly to Unum together with their fee invoice for providing the information

If you require any assistance completing the claim forms or would prefer these to be sent via post or completed telephonically please let us know by emailing lifebenefitclaims@unum.co.uk

Where to send your forms

Email: DorkingClaimsAdmin@unum.co.uk 

Claims Department
Milton Court

Call: 01306 873243 if you have any queries or would like to submit a claim by phone.

When to submit the forms

You can submit a claim as soon as you anticipate a problem, but please make sure you submit the forms no later than:

  • Up to 13-week deferred period: within 6 weeks of your employee’s absence
  • More than 13-week deferred period: within 10 weeks of your employee’s absence

We’ll do everything we can to ensure we’re ready to pay benefit when your sick pay scheme stops.

To help us progress your claim as quickly as possible, please ask your employee to provide any medical evidence that relates to their period of absence along with their claim form, this could include:

  • Medical reports from consultants
  • Prescriptions
  • Photographs of medicine labels
  • Virtual GP notes
  • GP information accessed via an online portal

Managing your claim

The onset of an illness or injury is traumatic enough for everyone involved without having to deal with unwanted and unnecessary administration.

To help support you, you will be looked after by a dedicated Claims Management Specialist who will stay with the claim, providing much-needed continuity and a partner who knows your business.

Your Claims Management Specialist will guide you through the assessment and keep you in the loop - giving regular updates and asking for clarification when we need it. And we’ll always:

  • Call before we write: it’s quicker and easier for everyone and enables you to ask any questions you might not feel able to through the formal written process
  • Keep everyone in the loop: we'll give regular updates and ask for clarification when we need it

Claim payment

Paying benefit to your employees when it’s needed and for as long as it’s needed is vital. We will deliver on that commitment for as long as the claims lasts. Once a claim decision has been made, we’ll call you to confirm the payments we’ll be making and talk about ongoing claims management plans.

If we don’t think the evidence supports paying a claim, we will take care to explain the reasons why – quickly and clearly.

Rehabilitation service

From day one of your employee's absence, our Rehabilitation Services team can provide guidance on managing their absence and supporting your employee back to work. Simply call our Rehabilitation Helpline on 01306 646 001, or email them at premier.referral@unum.co.uk.



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