Claims: Sick Pay Insurance

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Who should make the claim?


You do not need to download any forms from our website; your employer will tell you how, when and where to provide the information we need.


As the policyholder you need to submit the Sick Pay Insurance claim. This page contains all the information you should need on how to do this.

How to make your claim

If one of your employees is off sick, it’s easy to let us know. You can submit your claim to us on paper, by email, by calling us on 01306 873243, or by following these steps:

  1. log in to our online system
  2. go to Claims on the navigation bar, then click on New claim submission
  3. find the employee’s name and click on Complete employer claim form
  4. fill in the form and submit it to us

One of our Claims Management Specialists will then be in touch within 5 working days to acknowledge the claim and to agree the best way for your employee to complete their forms, which could be by telephone; on-line, by creating their own account on I services; or by post.

If you’d prefer to submit all the claim forms by post, here’s a list of the forms we’ll need:

FormNo. of copies to printFilled in bySend to
Employer claim form1EmployerUnum
Employee claim form1EmployeeUnum
Consent form2EmployeeUnum

EmployeeTheir GP
Your Statutory Rights1EmployeeN/A. For the employee to keep
Request for copies of medical records form1EmployeeTheir GP who should return the form directly to Unum together with their fee invoice for providing the information

When to submit a claim

To avoid any unnecessary delay, it’s important you submit any claim as quickly as possible. If you believe your employee’s absence is going to be longer than your deferred period or you have any doubts about their return to work, you should submit a claim.

It’s simple for us to cancel a claim that has been submitted if you find you don’t need it – and costs you nothing.

You should submit your claim by halfway through deferred period wherever possible, and no later than 2 weeks after your employee’s first day of absence.

Managing your claim

The onset of an illness or injury is traumatic enough for everyone involved without having to deal with unwanted and unnecessary administration.To help support you, you will be looked after by a dedicated Claims Management Specialist who will stay with the claim, providing much-needed continuity and a partner who knows your business.

Your Claims Management Specialist will guide you through the assessment and keep you in the loop – giving regular updates and asking for clarification when we need it.

If you have any questions at any time, you can contact your Claims Management Specialist directly by telephone, email or letter, whichever you prefer. 

Claim payment

Short-term illnesses require a streamlined approach – a speedy claim process to manage more common medical conditions with shorter claim durations.

We aim to make a claim decision as soon as possible and claims will be paid for the appropriate period of time to support recovery and return to work or until the end of the payment period, whichever is sooner.

Rehabilitation service

From day one of your employee's absence, our Rehabilitation Services team can provide guidance on managing their absence and supporting your employee back to work. Simply call our Rehabilitation Helpline on 01306 646 001, or email them at