On Course: Our workplace wellbeing workshops

Group Income Protection policyholders get unrestricted access to our suite of interactive wellbeing workshops, many of which are CPD-accredited. We've developed these in conjunction with specialists and they're delivered by our in-house experts.

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The benefits of On Course

  • A positive working environment encourages happy, healthy and productive staff. This can have tangible business benefits. 
  • However, only just over half (51%) of organisations take a strategic approach to employee wellbeing. 
  • Line managers take primary responsibility for managing 70% of short-term absence and 61% of long-term absence.
  • Despite this, fewer than 2 in 5 (38%) HR professionals say managers within their organisation are confident in having sensitive discussions and signposting employees towards expert help where needed.

Key statistics…

We’re proud of our training material, webinars and other resources.


The average number of workshop attendees each year


Attendees who score the quality of the course as course as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’


of people say the workshop they attended will positively impact on how they manage their wellbeing

"Attendees of this training have come away feeling empowered and this is directly attributed to how knowledgeable Unum’s Rehabilitation team are in the topics discussed. The delivery style is informative, friendly, and well-rounded, and a great support service for both employers and employees."
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Supporting your team at every step

Line manager training

Line managers are central to their team’s wellbeing. Our workplace wellbeing workshops empower, upskill and support attendees to confidently spot problems in their team as they arise so they can give timely, practical support to manage absences and wellbeing.

U-First sessions for employees

U-First training sessions support on your most valuable asset: Your staff. We’ve aimed these sessions not just at preventing absences; we also focus on empowering, upskilling and supporting attendees to confidently address and improve their own wellbeing.

Workplace health and wellbeing review

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and what workshops would be best, if you are unsure how you can best support your employees to manage their wellbeing or where to start to improve your workplace wellbeing strategy, consider asking us to do a complete mental health and wellbeing review. 

We identify any gaps in your current workplace wellbeing strategy and come up with suggestions on how to make improvements to benefit your employees and see a real, tangible return on your investment. We’ll even work with you over the course of 12 months to implement these changes.

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Line manager training

On-course line manager training

Line manager training

Check out our CPD-accredited line manager workshops in the dropdown menu below. HR representatives from companies with Unum Group Income Protection can book slots for batches of employees to attend any of these sessions.

Our line managers training courses

  1. 1

    Stress management and mental health

    Split across two sessions, one on prevention and the other on intervention, these webinars cover why preventing poor mental health among your employees is essential. Not only is it the ‘right thing to do’ — it also makes sense from a business perspective, given mental ill health is a leading cause of sickness absence.

  2. 2

    Cancer in the workplace

    Developed with our partner Maggie’s Cancer Charity, this workshop sensitively handles how and when employers can provide support to employees diagnosed with cancer. It offers an overview of the common effects of cancer and treatments and equips managers with the confidence to discuss the needs of affected employees. 

  3. 3

    Preventing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

    With a shift to hybrid working meaning more people working at least partly from home, this session covers ergonomic best practises for maximum comfort, efficiency and safety. It identifies the responsibilities both employers and employees have to manage and prevent musculoskeletal disorders and offers steps for line managers on how to do just that.

  4. 4

    Sickness absence management

    While some sickness absence is unavoidable, there are steps employers can take to reduce the impact of illness and injury on employees as well as the business. This session focuses on how we can proactively support the health and wellbeing of our employees, understand the importance of managing and recording sickness absence effectively to recognise risk areas in the business in addition to learning the best practice for supporting employees both during absence and on their return to work.

  5. 5

    Long-term conditions

    Long-term health conditions — including mental health conditions, inflammatory bowel diseases, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and asthma — can affect anyone. They’re also often limiting and debilitating. 

    This practical workshop explores the characteristics of long-term conditions and how they might impact employee behaviours and performance. Line managers will learn why providing support to employees living with these conditions is important and get practical guidance on how to do so.

On-course line manager training

U-First employee sessions

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U-First employee sessions

We created our U-First sessions to support your most valuable asset — your staff — to manage and nurture their wellbeing.

These employee-focussed webinars can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees and examine the small, achievable changes employees can make which can have big impacts on health, wellbeing and productivity.

HR representatives can use the link below to book employee slots on any of our U-First courses.

Our employee courses

  1. 1

    Movement matters

    We’re becoming an increasingly sedentary and inactive society. Not only does this cost the UK £7.4 billion annually, it can also increase the risk of poor mental and physical health and reduce productivity.

  2. 2

    Thriving through change

    Change happens. It affects us all day-to-day and can impact our wellbeing, stress levels and even our mental and physical health. The reason change can be stressful is because it’s an unknown quantity, so this session explores how to improve your personal response to change to better cope with it.

  3. 3

    Lifestyle management

    In this workshop, we cover how employees can make small but sustainable changes to their lifestyle in order to improve their health and wellbeing. This covers the six pillars of wellbeing: Nutrition and hydration, rest and sleep, movement, energy management, stress management and work.

  4. 4

    Gender, health and work

    Fortunately, awareness about gender identities is growing and the negative impacts of gender stereotypes are more openly discussed and challenged. However, there is still more work to be done. This session is designed to educate employees on the impact of gender identity on the health issues rarely discussed at work, often due to stigma or embarrassment, so everyone can.

  5. 5

    Burnout and resilience (part 1: Burnout)

    The first of our two-part series of employee webinars on burnout and resilience where we look at preventing and recovering from burnout. Burnout has always existed, but it’s time to raise awareness and take action. This session covers laying the core foundations of wellbeing, spotting the signs of burnout and explores hints, tips and strategies to take ownership of your wellbeing and learn to thrive.

  6. 6

    Burnout and resilience (part 2: Resilience)

    The second and final in our series of employee webinars on burnout and resilience, in which we explore the meaning of resilience and how it can prevent burnout. What does being a resilient individual mean and how can it improve performance? We also cover how nurturing your wellbeing can boost resilience. We aim to make your staff feel comfortable and safe in reviewing how they might feel when under stress and explore hints, tips and strategies to improve their overall wellbeing.

Online workshops
Online interactive resources

Our educational content and downloadable resources support HR teams and line managers in spotting the signs of employees struggling with mental or physical health issues or bereavement and ensure they feel confident in providing support.

Mental health

Equips line managers with the insight and confidence to recognise and support distressed employees.


Covers how to spot signs of stress in yourself and others, plus how to support and manage employees who are struggling.


Looks at the physical and psychological side effects of cancer and its treatments, as well as how to support employees through diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment recovery.


Covers the key risks employers should be aware of when it comes to the physical demands on their employees.

Sickness absence

An informative course on preventing employee absence and how employers and managers can support those on sick leave or preparing to return to work.


We worked with St. Catherine's Hospice to develop an interactive and informative workshop, helping line managers to support bereaved employees.
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