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Help@hand gives your employees fast, direct access to total health and wellbeing support – for everyday assistance when you need it most.

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We completely understand that as with any service, there’s often questions about how it works or what it offers.

We completely understand that as with any service, there are often questions about how it works or what it offers. That’s why we’ve prepared this helpful FAQ to hopefully answer some of those questions that you’re unsure of.

If there’s anything that isn’t covered in these FAQs though, then our friendly team are happy to help. Just email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

FAQs answered
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  • Square Health may be able match individuals with clinicians who are able to speak their preferred language or alternatively can provide a chaperone or translator. The app is available in English (UK) only. Please direct employees to contact to request support.

  • Yes, the ‘Employees’ tile on the home screen of the Help@hand Admin Portal includes a status for each employee (email address) you have uploaded.

    The definition of each status is as follows:

    Active: The individual has booked an appointment.

    Registered: The individual has downloaded the Help@hand app and have registered their details. 

    Unregistered: The individual has have not yet registered to use Help@hand.

    Deregistered: The individual no longer has access to Help@hand.

  • Yes, if you’re unable to provide a work email address for your employees, you can use their non-work (personal) email addresses instead. Please ensure that you have the employee’s agreement to use their personal email addresses prior to registering for Help@hand.

  • The Help@hand Insights Report offers data on each service, allowing you to understand the needs of your employees and adapt your wellbeing strategy where needed. To request your Help@hand Insights Reports, please email

    Please note that this report is only available when 50 or more employees have booked an appointment, to maintain employee confidentiality. 

  • There are several ways Square Health can provide support. Users can contact Square Health via  or 0333 577 7805 to discuss their needs in advance. On request, consultations can be extended in length to ensure that there is the time and space for all concerns to be communicated and understood. 

    Customers are also welcome to invite a chaperone to be present to aid their consultations via the Help@hand app. 

    For visual impairments: 

    Patients can undertake appointments by telephone. These can be arranged by contacting or 0333 577 7805.

    For hearing impairments and/ or speech impairments: 

    Through the telephone support service, Square Health can accommodate calls through UK Relay.

    For users who require lip reading, Help@hand provide consultations via secure video as standard. 

  • You can quickly and easily manage the administrators for your account (including adding new administrators) by selecting the ‘Account Details’ button on the main screen and navigating to the ‘System Users’ tab.

  • Yes, as an employer you should always register on our employer admin portal 

    We recommend that you register for Help@hand and launch the app to your employees. The app gives direct access to services including video consultations with experts, as well as many other resources to support employee health and wellbeing. The app enables employees to book an appointment at a day and time that suits them and read the biographies of the experts to find the best match for their needs. Employees will benefit from full flexibility, and an award-winning service. 

    Whilst we recommend this route, we understand that sometimes employees will prefer to use the telephone. To ensure that employees using the phone can get help quickly, please still register for the service here. When you register you will receive a welcome email for your administration account, but you don’t need to take further action.

    If you do decide to provide app access at a future date, you can easily upload employee email addresses  quickly from your account. 

  • Once you’ve logged into the Help@hand Admin Portal, you’ll need to click on the ‘Employees’ tile on the main screen. This will display all your employees that are registered to access the services. Simply find the incorrect email address from the list, click the ‘three dots’ (also known as the ‘action button’) next to the email address and select the ‘de-register’ option when prompted. Once you have completed this step, you can add the correct email address by following the ‘add employee’ process on the portal.

  • Adding a partner or child is very straightforward. Once your employees have completed the registration process on the app, they can then add their partner and/or children by selecting the ‘My Family’ option from the home screen. Partners and children (over 18 years old) will then be invited via email to download the Help@hand app and set up an account with their unique login details.

    For services and eligibility please go to this page

  • Unum have conducted comprehensive security due diligence checks with Square Health (the organisation that power the Help@hand app), who were able to provide the necessary assurance on their security controls. Full details can be found here.

  • During the initial consultation with a trainer counsellor, there is an assessment made on what would be an appropriate route of treatment.

    This might be immediate support, where there is a time-sensitive issue. The counsellor can support with problem-solving and coping strategies.

    Employees can also be directed to computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) modules for additional support they can access at their own pace with the support of their counsellor where required.

    Short-term counselling might be offered, when an individual is experiencing issues that would benefit from this support.

    For example, if an employee is struggling with

    • Bereavement or loss
    • Work-related stress or anxiety
    • Relationship or family issues

    The service may not be appropriate for long-term or specialist support, for example

    • Major depression
    • Issues requiring a specialist (e.g. family therapy)
    • Addictions such as drug or alcohol dependency

    In these situations, holding sessions may be offered while an employee is awaiting the most appropriate support. Help@hand can also help with finding appropriate local support services if needed during this time.

    If an employee is at immediate risk, then the counsellor may need to contact their GP directly if this information has been voluntarily shared in the app, or the emergency services.

  • There is no cost to your employees to use any of the Help@hand services. However, if an employee (or any family member they have added) requires medication, a referral letter or a private fitnote, they will need to pay for these. They will also need to pay a delivery charge if they opt to have the medication sent to them. The remote GP will go through options during the consultation.

  • Yes, they can still access the service by following the ‘Forgotten password’ link found on the login screen of the Help@hand app. The app will then prompt them with the simple steps required to reset their password and to start using the Help@hand services. If they attempt to use an expired temporary password, employees will be prompted on how to resend an invite. Alternatively, you can log into the employer portal and re-send their invite.

  • Employees will be able to access services up until the date where the policy ends, at which point the Help@hand account will be deactivated.

    If someone is midway through treatment with sessions planned, they can get in touch with Square Health directly for their last session(s) via or 0333 577 7805. Employees will need to use any cashback earned via Savings and discounts, as this will not be accessible after your Unum policy ends - so please ensure this is communicated in good time.

  • Managing your Help@hand account is straightforward with minimal administration.

    You just need to remember to:

    • Add new employees that are eligible for Help@hand through your Unum policy. If you don’t do this then they won’t receive their welcome emails to download the app and start using the services.
    • Remove (de-register) employees that no longer work for your company

    All of this can be completed simply and quickly via the ‘Employees’ tile on the home screen of the Help@hand Admin Portal. You’ll also be prompted to view our CSV guide which provides you with more details on how to do this.

  • We have a handy toolkit available, which has relevant materials from pre-launch to ongoing communications to employees. There’s also useful information for using the portal, and a launch checklist. You can find this here.

  • No. Medical and health-related information will not be shared with Unum, or any employer. During a medical appointment, an employee may opt to share their consultation information with their NHS GP. 

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