How to renew your policies

You can renew your Unum policies direct with us or, in most cases, through UnumOnline. Either way, the process is simple. Scroll down for our step-by-step guide and to find out the latest on our support services.

Policy renewal

Steps to renew
Your guide to policy renewals

The process is straightforward, whether you’re renewing on- or offline. Just follow our step-by-step guide.

  1. 1

    Receive your policy renewal invitation

    We’ll send you a renewal invitation 90 days before the renewal date (120 days for a flex or voluntary policy). If you don’t receive the invitation, please contact us.

  2. 2

    Renew your policy online

    Over 90% of renewals can be initiated online, one month ahead of their renewal date, through our digital portal, UnumOnline. If you’re not already registered, why not sign up now? Find out more and get started. 

  3. 3

    Update employee data

    You can use our handy Member Data Template to update information about the policy members. Email the completed spreadsheet to the address in your policy renewal invitation. If you are renewing your policy on UnumOnline, you can upload the data to the portal. This is a good time to remind your client that some employees may require medical underwriting.

  4. 4

    Making payment

    If your customers pay by Direct Debit, we’ll continue to take the regular payments until we receive your updated data. Once we have the correct data, we’ll send you a new invoice and the payments will be adjusted accordingly. All other payment information will be on your invoice. 

Renewing a policy

Support services
Getting the most from Unum policies

Here at Unum we’re constantly improving what we do to provide customers and their families with the best health and wellbeing resources. These include:

Wellbeing checklists
Making the most of our wellbeing services

Our health and wellbeing resources are designed to keep staff healthy, managers connected with what’s going on in the world of workplace health and wellbeing, and provide businesses with key support during difficult times. You can download a checklist of the services that apply to each policy type.

Useful resources

Making the most of Group Income Protection
Group Life Wellbeing Checklist
Critical Illness Wellbeing Checklist
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