Help@hand from Unum provides employers with a quick, simple and effective way to show employees they care about their physical and mental wellbeing, while receiving real business benefits.


Find it stressful taking time off work for medical appointments

1 in 3

End up missing appointments due to work pressures


Say their health deteriorated as a result of missing appointments

Source: 1 Achieving Work/Health Balance – Help@hand study conducted for Unum based on a UK representative sample of 2,031 full-time adult workers aged 18+, between 28th October and 8th November 2019. Full-time work was defined by weekly work hours of 30 hours or more.

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Supporting employees and their families* with five health and wellbeing services.

  1. Remote GP

    An unlimited amount of video consultations that last up to 20 minutes. Aiming to get people seen remotely by UK-based doctors within two hours, all day, every day, and including prescriptions and medications delivered directly where needed**.

  2. Mental health support

    Direct access to mental health therapists (usually via video consultation) offering advice and individual treatment plans. Up to 8 consultations per year shared between employee and partner.

  3. Physiotherapy

    Personalised treatment with bespoke exercises provided by a physiotherapist (usually via video consultation). Up to 8 consultations per year shared between employee and partner.

  4. Medical second opinions

    Consultations with UK-based private consultants – following a final diagnosis (2 consultations per annum).

  5. Life, money and wellbeing support

    Advice on a range of life and work issues, including financial, legal and family concerns, nutritional advice and fitness plans, plus a confidential 24/7 helpline.

*Employees and their partner (if applicable) will be able to access all Help@hand services. Children are eligible to access the remote GP and medical second opinion services up until their 18th birthday or 24th birthday if in full-time education. Children over 18 will be able to access the Life, money and wellbeing confidential helpline and other online resources.

**If an individual requires medication, a referral letter or a private fitnote, they will need to pay for these. They will also need to pay a delivery charge if they opt to have the medication sent to them. The remote GP will go through the options and next steps during the consultation.

Help@hand is a non-contractual benefit which can be withdrawn or changed by Unum at any time. The service does not form part of any Unum insurance policy and there is no additional cost or increase in premium as a result of Unum making this benefit available.

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Employer toolkit

Our Employer toolkit is designed to provide your client with a suggested rollout plan for Help@hand, so they can communicate the service it offers and get the best possible level of engagement from their employees.

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