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Specialist dental cover you can trust - designed to make your clients smile

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Unum's dental products

Established, expert dental cover that is highly trusted and recognises the importance of good preventative healthcare. Our enhanced offering has been developed through a deep understanding of the diverse needs of your clients, their employees and their families.


Six levels of increasing cover in a straightforward menu format. Three easily understandable treatment categories: preventative; restorative; and emergency and other.


Six levels of cover offering percentage reimbursements towards treatments split across three treatment categories: preventative; minor; and major.
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Why take out Dental Cover

Dental cover is an affordable, flexible health benefit that’s simple to administer. Unum Dental has been developed and built around evolving modern-day customer needs. It offers wide-ranging plans and immediate cover for preventative care and key restorative treatments. 

So Unum’s dental insurance not only strengthens a benefits offering, but also contributes to maintaining the health and wellbeing of a workforce.

80% of employees say having dental insurance would make them more likely to visit the dentist for the recommended twice-a-year check-up.*

*Unum 2019 survey of 2,001 private sector employees. Response based on 4 in 5 respondents (80%) 

Why Unum
Why Unum’s Dental cover?

Specialist dental cover you can trust
Unum Group has been serving employees’ needs for 175 years. We’re the only corporate dental insurance provider to be recognised and approved by the Oral Health Foundation.

We're currently the only corporate dental insurance provider to be recognised and approved by the Oral Health Foundation.

A seamless, enhanced research-driven offering 

Our new, digitally-led and consumer-focused cover offers increased reimbursement levels and fast automated claims payment. So customers aren’t out of pocket for any longer than they need to be.

Total health and wellbeing

Access to on-demand content such as webinars, podcasts and more, helping your clients support workplace health and wellbeing throughout the year.

Toothfairy access
Award-winning digital dental services provider Toothfairy offers employees swift access to high quality dentistry services, as well as support and guidance for everyday preventative dental care and routine treatment.

Online enrolment for voluntary cover — at no cost to employers
Roll out one of the most popular flexible health benefits at no additional cost for voluntary cover.


Unum's digital dental service provided by the Toothfairy, app screen

Introducing Toothfairy

From May 2024 we are introducing a high-quality, award-winning digital dental services provided by Toothfairy, at no additional cost. This applies to new and existing Unum Dental schemes with a start or renewal date on or after 1st May 2024.

Toothfairy’s services are available via one easy-to-use bespoke Toothfairy app, providing help for dental emergencies, general advice and personalised oral health tips. All of which means that Unum’s Dental policies are now offering a way to help reduce employee absence due to oral health issues.

All Toothfairy services are accessed via the Toothfairy app which has been tailored to provide a single entry point to all Unum Dental wider services, including:

  • unlimited use of a dental chat helpline, manned by dentists1
  • videos and articles on dental health
  • Symptom Checker 
  • cosmetic treatment discounts
  • Video consultations and prescriptions2
  • Unum’s Wellbeing Calendar
  • retail ‘Discounts and savings’ provided by BenefitHub
  • Unum’s claims portal

For more information check out our handy Toothfairy guide.

Toothfairy guide

Dental features
Key benefits

Cover levels, annual limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to a benefit schedule for full details.

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    Visit any dental practice worldwide

    Employees have the freedom to seek treatment at any NHS or private dental practice anywhere in the world.

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    Immediate cover

    Make a claims as soon as cover starts, ensuring employees can benefit immediately.

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    Cover for Pre-existing
conditions and 
pre-planned treatment

    Employees can claim for treatment identified or recommended before cover starts, providing comprehensive, flexible cover for employees.3

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    Child and adult orthodontic 

    Financial support for employees and their insured children to receive orthodontic care.4

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    Access to retail discounts 
and savings

    Powered by BenefitHub, Unum Dental customers get access to a wide range of savings and discounts on everyday spending and treats to cut costs.

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    100% NHS reimbursement

    Gives employees the confidence that NHS dental costs are covered in full.

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1 Available in app 7 days a week, core operating 9am – 8pm (response time within 24 hours)

2 at an additional cost to the employee which can be claimed back under the policy benefit limits.

3 Excludes implants or bridges which are subsequently fitted to a pre-existing gap in the mouth, and mouth cancer which existed prior to joining the policy unless previously insured for dental treatment under another insurer’s policy immediately before joining this policy.

4 Adult Orthodontics on Clear and Radiant Extra plans only. Excludes orthodontics treatment charges for adults graded 1–3 on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) scale and child orthodontics treatment charges for children insured on the policy who are aged over 25.

Toothfairy is a trading name of Tooth Fairy Healthcare Limited (“Toothfairy”). Toothfairy is completely independent of, and separate from, Unum Limited and any Unum insurance policy. Any engagement with Toothfairy or use of the Toothfairy app is subject to Toothfairy’s terms and conditions and to Toothfairy’s privacy policy. Unum Limited will not be involved in the provision of the Toothfairy service (which includes any services provided through the Toothfairy app) in any way whatsoever. Unum Limited does not accept any responsibility or liability for the Toothfairy service and makes no warranties or representations about it (or its constituent parts) or about the suitability of the Toothfairy service. Unum Limited will not receive any payment or commission from Toothfairy arising from any involvement by the employee with Toothfairy. The choice to engage with Toothfairy, is entirely up to the employee and Unum Limited disclaims any liability in relation thereto. The decision to proceed with Toothfairy is solely on the basis provided herein. Complaints, concerns, claims or questions regarding Toothfairy should be made to Toothfairy directly. 

Tooth Fairy Healthcare Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 11118805. Registered office: Office 1 21 Hatherton Street, Walsall WS4 2LA. Toothfairy Healthcare Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register, reference number 927593.

BenefitHub Limited is a third-party discounts and benefits provider which is completely independent of and separate from Unum Limited and Unum Dental. Further information about BenefitHub and this arrangement, including the company’s terms and conditions can be found in the ‘Please note’ section here.

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