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BenefitHub is a third-party provider of retail discounts, savings and cashback across a wide range of categories which provides help with everyday spending and treats for the family.

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By clicking on the Register button below, you will be directed to the BenefitHub web portal which is not affiliated with us. Please carefully review BenefitHub’s terms and policies to make sure you understand them before you sign-up.

You’ll need the following referral code to get started: KLHRI7


If you have any questions about creating your account or what BenefitHub has to offer, please contact BenefitHub directly on 0808 101 2720 or email

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BenefitHub Limited is completely independent of, and separate from, Unum Limited. BenefitHub is available as part of the Unum Dental package that your employer has selected. Any engagement with BenefitHub by you is subject to BenefitHub’s terms and conditions and to BenefitHub’s privacy policy. Unum Limited will not be involved in the provision of the BenefitHub service in any way whatsoever and will have no access to any orders placed or data on the BenefitHub platform. Unum Limited does not accept any responsibility or liability for the BenefitHub offering and makes no warranties or representations about it (or its constituent parts) or about the suitability of the BenefitHub service. Unum Limited will not receive any payment or commission from BenefitHub arising from any involvement by you with BenefitHub. Your choice to engage with BenefitHub, is entirely up to you and we disclaim any liability in relation thereto. Your decision to proceed with BenefitHub is solely on the basis provided herein. Complaints, concerns, claims or questions regarding the BenefitHub platform should be made to BenefitHub directly.

BenefitHub Limited is registered in England & Wales under company number 11109677 and has its registered office at 2nd Floor Regis House, 45 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AN.

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