Our intuitive, easy-to-use adviser portal puts you in control. Quote, buy, renew and service your qualifying new and existing Unum Group Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life insurance policies. 7am–7pm weekday access to information via PC or tablet.

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About UnumOnline
Quick and convenient access

Quote & buy

Help yourself to your best Unum rate for policies with 3 to 100 members.

Available with Adviser and Agency level access.


Renew eligible unit rated and single premium policies with 3 to 250 members.

Agency level access required.


Fast, secure access to policy information and reports for policies with 3 to 750 members. Including scheme histories and latest commission statements.

Agency access level required.

User permissions
Three levels of access

UnumOnline portal diagram

Choose your level of access

1. Portal manager

Can assign different permissions to colleagues, allocate users to, and remove users from two levels of access

2. Agency access 

Can manage quotes for other users and access policy information 

3. Adviser Access

Can manage their own quotes

When you first register on UnumOnline, you will have Adviser level access. 

To upgrade to Agency level access or set up your portal manager please email us at: AgencyOnline@unum.co.uk

"We designed UnumOnline to make doing business with us quick, safe and cost-effective. Advisers can respond to the ‘need it now’ requirements of smaller businesses and smaller schemes – and they get the best possible price from Unum."
Liz Walker
Chief Operating Officer

Demo modules
Practical reference guides

The portal is intuitive and easy to use, but we’ve created three demo modules to show you how UnumOnline works, and as handy reference guides. If you don’t need, or want, to watch the whole demo, you can just skip to the section you need.

Setting up on UnumOnline

If you have not previously placed business through Unum, the first thing you need to do is complete a commission account form (CAAF). This, together with the terms of business agreement (TOBA) and quote, sets out the terms of our business agreement. Please complete the form to receive the documents.

Useful resources
Supporting information for users

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