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The vision

The government’s Stevenson/Farmer Thriving at Work report states all organisations, whatever their size, must:

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    Address and prevent mental ill health

    Be equipped with the awareness and tools to not only address but prevent mental ill-health caused or worsened by work

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    Support individuals

    Be equipped to support individuals with mental health conditions to thrive, from recruitment and throughout their employment

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    Access timely support

    Know how to access timely support to reduce sickness absence caused by mental ill-health

Bring the vision to life with Unum

Our wellbeing specialists conduct workplace health and wellbeing reviews for Group Income Protection customers.

They review your current mental health strategy and offer personalised recommendations on how to better manage your employees’ wellbeing, including support for 12 months to help implement the changes we suggest. This helps you monitor and prioritise employees’ health and wellbeing.

This is important — committing to staff wellbeing can support higher productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved retention, providing a return on investment. 

Unum’s Health and Wellbeing Reviews are based on the guidelines and principles outlined in the Thriving at Work report, as well as the Mental Health at Work Commitment. The Commitment is a simple framework with standards that create a roadmap to achieving better mental health outcomes for those in work.

Our approach

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    Comprehensive consultation

    Using guidelines from the above Thriving at Work report, plus the Mental Health at Work Commitment as a framework, we first establish everything you already have in place. This serves as a reference point for refinements and improvements.

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    We then produce a workplace health and wellbeing report and an actionable improvement plan of areas to build on that’s bespoke to your workplace, so you know exactly where to start. This will include ensuring you are utilising our services to the best of your abilities.

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    The report is split into six core wellbeing standards based on those in Thriving at Work. We categorise these based on whether you’ve met, partially met or not met each standard before offering suggestions on how you can implement the changes we’ve identified to meet these standards. 

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    Ongoing support

    Building a workplace health and wellbeing strategy isn’t a once and done. That’s why we’re available for an entire year after we complete our report at every stage of the process. We offer follow-up consultations, progress reviews and advice on implementing and assessing each solution if you get stuck.

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Our successes

During the process, companies which complete a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Review see positive impacts that benefit both their employees and the business. For instance:

  • Mental health and wellbeing strategy
    Just 6% of companies had a mental health and wellbeing strategy at initial review; of the companies that completed a Workplace Health & Wellbeing Review, this stood at 83% at final review
  • Effective people management
    Only 5% of companies met the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development’s (CIPD’s) standards for effective people management at initial review; for companies that completed the process this rose to 42% at final review
  • Achieving all six standards
    Very few (1%) of the companies achieved all six standards we measure them against at initial assessment; by final review, for companies that completed the process this stood at 25%

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