Our commitment to good customer outcomes

We are dedicated to listening to you, our customer, at every part of your journey with Unum. We'll learn about your needs to support you every day.

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Our customers matter most

At Unum, we're dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for our customers. From products and pricing to our unwavering focus on understanding and supporting customers, we prioritise your needs above all else.

With us, you’re don't just get protection — you gain a partner focused on your security, satisfaction and peace of mind.

We’ve built vulnerable customer support into our offering to ensure our customers get the help they need when they need it most.

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Inclusive products and services

We take time to learn who are customers are and what they need. This includes understanding why each customer chose insurance so we can carefully design our products and services to meet their needs.

So we're certain our products and services remain suitable for customers, we review them regularly.

We make sure our customers have all the information they need when choosing, buying or renewing their product. And whether they buy through an adviser or directly from us, they can feel confident we have their bests interests at heart.

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Fair price and value

We make sure the price customers pay for our products and services is a fair reflection of how much it costs us to administer and service them. We don’t make excessive profits from our products.

We’re clear with customers about our products' services and benefits. We’re equally clear about any limitations so we can always be sure of meeting their expectations.

If our product reviews show that a product or service is no longer offering fair value to our customers, we’ll adapt or remove it and we’ll always give a clear explanation to customers.

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Customer understanding

We make sure our communications include the right level of information, reach customers at the right time and in a way that best suits them. This helps them make effective, timely and properly informed decisions about the Unum products and services they hold.

Our communications are clear and concise, offer suggested actions to encourage customers to use their products and services, and are tested regularly to ensure they meet customer needs.

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Customer support

We carefully design and deliver support that meets our customers’ expectations and helps them realise the benefits of their products and services. Whether customers have characteristics of vulnerability or not, support is readily available and easily accessible.

We constantly explore ways to improve the support we offer by monitoring our performance so we can do more of what works well, and quickly make changes if we can do better.

Vulnerable customer support

To contact us visit this page and for frequently asked questions go here


If you are not satisfied and would like to make a complaint, please find our complaints page with full complaints process below.

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