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Dencover Boost for Cigna’s dental continuation customers

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Dencover Boost dental insurance provides reimbursement towards the cost of insured dental treatment such as routine examinations and hygienist visits (scaling), fillings, root canals and dental implants, as well as an additional one-off payment benefit in the event of a mouth cancer diagnosis. Please see the Benefit Schedule for the full list of insured treatments, policy limits and exclusions.
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    Worldwide cover

    Visit any dentist of your choice for treatment - including outside of the UK.

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    Flexible options

    Add 3 additional adults and up to 4 children on the same plan as you. An additional cost applies for each insured person.

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    Cover towards child and adult orthodontic costs.

    Subject to level of cover chosen.

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    Accidental injury cover

    Includes cover towards accidental injury treatment costs.

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    Fast claims payment

    Submit claims online via our fast and simple paperless process.

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    100% NHS reimbursement

    NHS dental charges are covered in full on all levels of cover

Policy documents

Please read the policy documents carefully before applying for cover. 

Useful resources

Dencover Boost Dental Insurance - Policy Terms and Conditions
Dental Insurance - Insurance Product Information Document
Dencover Boost Dental Insurance Benefit Schedule

Boost plans
What's on offer

There are 5 plans to choose from, with the amount of cover increasing with each level, helping you to choose a level of cover that meets your budget and dental needs.

  1. 1

    Boost 1

    Starting from £13.50 per month

  2. 2

    Boost 2

    Starting from £23.25 per month

  3. 3

    Boost 3

    Starting from £33.90 per month

  4. 4

    Boost 4

    Starting from £53.10 per month

  5. 5

    Boost 5

    Starting from £82.30 per month

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How it works
Purchase a policy

1.  Purchase a policy

Purchase a policy online by clicking the button below. Enter the join code 'Continuation'  to remove some policy restrictions such as no qualifying periods & pre-existing conditions.

Please be aware your policy start date will be the day you purchase the policy.

2. Register

Set a username and password to access our online portal. 

3. Make a claim

Use the portal to make claims, view your documents and keep track of your benefit limits.

Purchase a policy

Please note

Dencover Boost dental insurance is administered by Unum Limited (trading as dencover) as the insurer.

Unum does not give advice about the suitability of their insurance products. However, this insurance meets the needs and demands of an individual who wishes to arrange dental insurance to cover themselves for insured dental treatments. Please read the Dencover Boost Policy Terms and Conditions and Benefit Schedule carefully to confirm that the product meets your individual circumstances.

We reserve the right to change these policy terms and conditions, the cover provided and/or the premium charged at any time. We will give you 30 days’ notice prior to making these changes in writing to your last known e-mail address.

Unum Limited is a solvency II firm and are required to publish an annual Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR).

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