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Tell us about an employee who is absent or struggling as soon as possible. This ensures we provide the right support for you and the employee as quickly as possible.

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Claims information

Your Unum Sick Pay Insurance policy provides financial peace of mind if an employee can't work due to illness or injury. You also get access to a comprehensive collection of support services, including return to work support and health and wellbeing services for your employees.

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Employee claims

Managing absence
How to manage employee absences

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Return to work support

Our team of vocational rehabilitation consultants work with you to support your staff to remain in work if they're struggling, or to help your employees achieve a sustainable return to work. This can be as early as the first week of absence or once their illness/injury starts to improve. 

Remember, get in touch with us as early possible — even if your employee is only just beginning to struggle. This allows us to put initial plans in place with the employee and employer to provide the right support at the right time. Simply call our helpline on 0345 600 6765 or email

When you request return to work support, we need an employee consent form. Our team will organise this directly with the employee.

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Wellbeing support

You and your employees get access to a range of support services. Check out our Wellbeing Hub, packed with information such as links to health and wellbeing services, our Wellbeing Calendar and workshops.

Claims steps
The steps in making a claim

Step 1

Tell us about an absence. It's never too early to tell us an employee is struggling. The sooner we know, the sooner we can offer support.

Step 2

The employee claim form

Step 3

Managing the claim and payment

Information to help
Help us make a timely decision

Tell us as soon as possible

It's best to get in touch with us as soon as you notice an issue. The ideal time to submit a claim is during the first 2 weeks after the employee’s first absence. This lets us give you and your employee guidance on support services and claims requirements.

Additional evidence

It's helpful for us to progress the claim when we receive all available medical evidence alongside the claim.


Speak to your usual Unum contact, who'll try to resolve your issue. Alternatively, you can contact our Complaints Team.

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