Unlocking the value of help

Discover which employee benefits are most valued by businesses and their people


Creating strategic value

Critical illness cover, mental health support, retail discounts: they’re all popular benefits that provide help and support to employees. But which do businesses believe have the biggest impact on employee health and wellbeing – and help drive business performance the most?

The working landscape is changing – from higher expectations of work/life balance, to the physical impacts and mental health demands of the modern workplace. The value that employees and businesses place on their benefits is also evolving fast.

To really make a difference to both employee wellbeing and the bottom line, benefits must hold two types of value. An emotional value (making employees feel like more than just a number) and a commercial value (improving recruitment, retention, and productivity). So which benefits tick both boxes?

To find out, we spoke to employers and employees in businesses of all sizes across the UK. The result is our Employee benefits and the value of help report that charts the trends affecting the market and gives you the ability to understand the strategic value of different kinds of benefits and services using our value curve illustration – which identifies four types of employee benefits offered to employees.

With this new lens, we can help companies and advisers understand how benefits can really make a difference – to the lives of people, and to the future of business.

Inside the report, you’ll discover insights including:

  1. 68% of employers say investing in health and wellbeing has grown in importance over the past two years

  2. How COVID-19 has accelerated awareness of workplace mental and physical health – and driven many employers to act

  3. The emotional and commercial value of different employee benefits – and how they compare

  4. Potential barriers to building the right benefits mix – and how to overcome them

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Explore the value curve, dive into trends in health and wellbeing, and learn how to build the most valuable benefits package.