At Unum we fully support the courageous work of everyone in the NHS as the nation battles COVID-19, and this includes NHS and Private dentists and their teams who are joining the front line.

It is always our intention to provide the best service and value to our customers, whether you are an employer or employee with a Group Dental Scheme or an individual who has a personal dental plan with us. This includes our retail brand Dencover.

In these unprecedented times, dentists have been required to cease care and services, limited to telephone support only in the majority of cases. Unum will continue to support our customers and the NHS.

Our dental insurance contracts and benefits are annual. As the availability of dentistry is currently restricted, we expect that some treatments will be delayed and completed in the future. It is also possible we may see lower claims on our policies. The magnitude and duration of this is presently unknown.

We will continue to provide cover and collect premiums as usual. Once dental services are again available, or we have a clearer view of when they will return, we will review how to best ensure our customers receive fair value. We will ultimately return any exceptional profit that these circumstances create back to our customers. We will do this in a fair and transparent manner.

In the meantime, we want to reassure you that dental cover remains continuous. This includes any emergency treatment. Any ongoing treatment continues to be covered and can restart when dental services resume.

Our Group Risk products for Critical Illness, Income Protection and Life are unaffected and continue to provide the protection and support for our customers as usual.

Thank you for being a customer of Unum Dental.

Peter O’Donnell
CEO, Unum UK

COVID-19 updates

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