Sick Pay Insurance

Sick Pay Insurance can help ease the headache of short-term absence.

Cover depends on scheme level - terms and conditions apply.


Sickness absence causes problems for every business. The costs are unpredictable, difficult to budget for and can be large enough to leave many companies struggling to absorb them.

Sick Pay Insurance from Unum:

  • provides short-term financial support for sickness absence
  • can pay benefit from as little as one week’s absence
  • offers professional claims management support, allowing employers to flag non-work related claims and validate claims through independent, evidence-based expertise
  • is designed to complement a business’ existing sick pay scheme and can dovetail perfectly with long-term Income Protection plans to give complete peace of mind


  • Range of payment periods from 12 weeks to 52 weeks
  • Range of deferred periods from 1 to 4 weeks
  • A choice of salary replacement ratios to suit business needs
  • Range of benefit amounts up to £6,000 per month


As part of their Sick Pay Insurance plan, customers automatically have access to the following services at no additional cost:


  • Employee Assistance Programme – Unum LifeWorks – offering work/life support for employers and employees, including face-to-face counselling sessions.
  • Legal Services – LifeWorks Legal – offering employers access to independent legal services.
  • Rehabilitation Service – Wherever appropriate, our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants will provide practical and collaborative return to work plans, capability tests and advice on alterations in the workplace – assisting with Duty of Care needs.



To request a Sick Pay Insurance quote, please contact your Unum Sales Consultant for further details. The quote template below will help you gather the data required.


Our online system makes the claims process simple, enabling both employer and employee to submit the claim electronically.

Each claim is assigned to a dedicated Claims Management Specialist (CMS) who will assess the initial evidence submitted. Your CMS will contact you within 5 working days of submission to acknowledge the claim and work with you and your employee throughout.