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    The joy of tech – what customers love about UnumOnline

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    There’s nothing quite like labour-saving devices. Whether that’s the latest gadget for home, or technology that helps us work faster and more efficiently, most of us like to make life easier. That’s why we’re continually looking at ways to enhance your experience and enable you to do more business digitally. And it’s why more and more brokers are switching on to UnumOnline.

    Unum_Online_TestimonialSo what are people saying about UnumOnline?

    “I love quoting online. It’s so valuable in saving me time.”

    “Even a one-day turnaround can be too long on occasions, but I can get an instant quote without having to wait for someone else.”

    Designed for customers looking to cover between 3 and 100 people for Group Income Protection, Group Life and Group Critical Illness, UnumOnline’s online portal is smartphone and tablet-friendly, allowing you to quote and buy, review and manage your existing quotes, and get cover for your clients.

    “After quoting, the most valuable facility is the information on existing and live policies.”

    “I can do many variations for my SME customers. They sometimes don’t know what they want and want to compare prices of different bases.”

    We know how important it is to strike while the proverbial iron’s hot when it comes to looking for a quote and making a quick decision. And it’s just as vital that you have all the information you need at your fingertips. UnumOnline gives greater control over your policies, making it easier to support your small business customers.

    UnumOnline is intuitive and simple to use, but if you do have any questions, or run into any tech problems, you’ll also enjoy support from your Sales Consultant and our UnumOnline team.

    “We have one point of contact. Caroline is amazing and brilliant – and so valuable. I know whatever I need, she’ll know or will find out and get back to me – so I don’t have to spend time chasing information. Caroline also keeps me up to speed with any changes, which is such an important aspect of the service and support for me." 

    ‘I am always confident to recommend Unum. The service and proposition really supports my business - and my clients. The product literature is easy to understand, the broker portal allows me to get quotes quickly, and the service from my consultant is second to none.”

    With ongoing enhancements planned, UnumOnline will continue to give you even greater control over your policies, making it easier to do business with us and support your small business customers – both now and in the future.

    New features going live by the end of the year, include:

    • Agency selection – so you can align quotes to the different agency workstreams within your company
    • Multi-factor authentication – making registration easier and building in increased security

    If you have any feedback on your experience of using UnumOnline – we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us on

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