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    New digital broker Hooray visits Unum

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    As last year drew to a close, we were delighted to welcome Hooray Health & Protection to Milton Court so they could see for themselves how we work and what we have planned for 2020.

    The Hove-based broker, who work with companies to implement employee benefits, was welcomed by Unum Relationship Manager, Mike Pozzoni, and Bill Mansfield, Head of Marketing Analytics and Insight.

    To kick off the visit, Bill, who frequently takes parties around Milton Court on Heritage Days gave Hooray a tour of the building and a potted history since 1608.

    Though the ghost of the Lady in Black declined to put in an appearance, Hooray received a warmer welcome from Glenn Thompson, Customer Solutions Director, and Neil Smith, Brand Strategy Manager.

    With perfect timing, Hooray arrived as we launched Help@hand.

    As well as giving our visitors an overview of our plans for 2020 and beyond, Glenn, Neil and Mike took them through the medical support services Help@hand provides, and how it can benefit both employees and employers.

    “Help@hand was a key talking point and one that we’ll be actively speaking to our clients about,” said Hooray’s Charlie Cousins, Founder and Director. “It shows Unum is more than just an insurance company. 

    “They’ve established themselves as one of the market leaders in early intervention and return to work support services for their clients.

    It’s clear that they wish to be seen as actively supporting the wellbeing of employees, and not just there to pay claims.

    “We refer to Unum as a ‘safe pair of hands’ due to their credibility, history and service, which is exactly what you need when looking for an insurance provider.”

    Glenn added: “Of course we want to look at growing the market, but it’s so important for us to cherish what we have and ensure we are providing the best support available to our existing clients.”

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