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    Boost employee wellbeing with an enhanced EAP

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    Unum’s Employee Assistance Programme, LifeWorks, has been enhanced, offering new perks and savings, and a wealth of tools and support. Here’s what’s now available.


    As an embedded benefit for our Group Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life customers, Unum LifeWorks provides employees – and employers – with 24/7 access to its suite of work and life support services, at no extra cost.

    Now, as the first stage in our commitment to develop and deliver an enhanced service proposition to our customers, LifeWorks offers new features to further improve employee wellbeing , plus a range of employee perks and savings.

    What is it?

    Put simply, Unum LifeWorks is a support service for all Unum customers.

    It offers:

    • Confidential 24-hour telephone line
    • Counselling and coaching, available face-to-face or by phone for Group Income Protection customers for a pre-set number of sessions
    • Advice and support on financial, childcare, eldercare, wellbeing and education issues
    • Employee support assessments
    • Line manager support for the employer
    • Downloadable information and online resources
    • Connections to organisations in the local community to help address specific needs

    LifeWorks has provided support for thousands of people. Between 1st December 2016 and 30th November 2017 alone, there were 12,610 calls to LifeWorks relating to issues such as mental health, legal advice, and elder and childcare1.

    What’s new?

    What’s available on LifeWorks has grown substantially. And it’s easier than ever to access it.

    1. A mobile app brings all of LifeWorks’ tools to the user’s pocket. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play (search for ‘LifeWorks’) and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. Employers should send each employee a personal email with an invitation code to facilitate the sign up process.

    2. A host of new perks and savings such as digital gift card discounts, online cashback, in-store and online coupons, and lifestyle offers.

    Users can search for discounts that suit their lifestyle – from nutrition to days out – by retailer or by offer. Each time the employee shops online, they’ll receive cashback credited to their personal, digital LifeWorks wallet. Once it’s reached £5, they can transfer it to their PayPal account.

    3. Wellness content to support the four pillars of wellbeing: physical, mental, social and financial.

    Industry experts and bestselling authors have produced thousands of articles, podcasts, toolkits, infographics and more – all accessible via the ‘Life’ section on the menu bar.

    4. Employers can personalise the LifeWorks News Feed to suit their business needs, so the wellbeing resources and company messages available can be adjusted to reflect key company initiatives.

    How does it help employers?

    Primarily, the revamped Unum LifeWorks is there to support employees. But an improved wellbeing and support offering for a workforce also makes sound business sense.

    For example, when it comes to mental health support, a CIPD survey reports that over a fifth of HR professionals (22%) say mental ill health is the primary cause of long-term absence2.

    Those figures tie into findings from the government-commissioned Stevenson-Farmer Thriving at Work review, which states: “the UK is facing a mental health challenge at work that is much larger than we had thought3.”

    Whether employees face mental health challenges or just need financial advice, one of LifeWorks’ key advantages is its wealth of different resources. Housed in one, easy-to-navigate place, it allows employees and employers to quickly find the information they need.

    “At Unum, we work collaboratively with our customers to understand the problems they face and create benefits to meet those needs,” says Glenn Thompson, Customer Solutions Director at Unum.

    “As part of this commitment, we are further developing and enhancing the services we provide over the coming months so we not only stand ready to protect people financially, but are also increasingly committed to supporting the broader aspects of employee wellbeing.

    “Access to LifeWorks and all its resources is freely accessible to anyone covered by a Unum’s financial protection policies and is available at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day. Now with our enhanced offering, we are also able to offer some financial savings – a little money off shopping or gift voucher discounts or cashback on the perks employees use.”

    “Employees can find themselves spinning many different plates - money worries, maintaining a work-life balance, career concerns, or family or health issues. LifeWorks provides support and resources to help manage these issues. Our aim is to enable each person to take control of their wellbeing on their own terms.”


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