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    Got FOMO? Join UnumOnline for your best price and new features

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    Don’t miss out on faster quotes from Unum and the ability to self-serve.


    Register for UnumOnline and get your best price first time, plus access to a range of features enabling you to take control of your quotes and get cover for your clients – simply and quickly.

    Designed for customers looking to cover between 3 and 100 people for Group Income Protection, Group Life and Group Critical Illness, our online portal is smartphone and tablet-friendly, allowing you to quote and buy, review and manage existing quotes, and get cover for your clients.

    You’ll also get access to new features going live this October, including:

    • Agency selection – so you can align quotes to the different agency workstreams within your company
    • Multi-factor authentication – making registration easier and building in increased security

    If you have a number of agencies with us or a complex agency structure, please contact your Unum Consultant to discuss how to utilise this enhanced functionality.

    And with more enhancements planned, UnumOnline will continue to give you even greater control over your policies, making it easier to do business with us and support your small business customers – both now and in the future.

    To find out more about UnumOnline, click here.

    To register, click here.