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    Unum’s webinar breaks down gender, health, work barriers

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    Unum’s new On Course offering for existing customers aims to give line managers and HR personnel the awareness and the tools to tackle a subject that can be difficult to raise in the workplace – gender-related health issues.


    With the effects of mental ill-health in the workplace gaining increased publicity, the stigma and taboo about discussing mental health issues with employers and employees alike are beginning to be addressed by UK businesses.

    However, some physical problems can be just as difficult to broach and rarely talked about at work. This may be due to a perceived stigma or reluctance to talk about an issue that seems embarrassing or that people believe should remain private. Whatever the reason, useful and reliable sources and support services may be lacking when it comes to certain gender-related conditions.

    Last year, we launched our women’s health webinar, which focused on women’s health-related issues. Though it proved to be extremely popular and generated a lot of discussion, just 1% of the audience for the launch were men. However, the second saw this figure rise considerably with 10% male attendance.

    Now, in response to an increasing number of requests from employers and employees of both genders for help, we’ve created the ‘Gender, health, work’ webinar. Designed to increase understanding about common gender-specific health conditions, the webinar aims to encourage communication, and educate line managers on how they can support their staff.

    The webinar covers subjects including:

    • What are gender-related health issues?
    • Basic education on common conditions and the impact on employees, physically, mentally and emotionally
    • Burnout and mental health
    • What organisations can do
    • Education for managers on how to provide support

    To book our On Course Gender, health, work webinar, please email

    To find out more about it, or our other On Course workshops including sickness absence, stress, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, bereavement and fluctuating conditions like MS or arthritis, click here.