Unum’s medical underwriting

Medical underwriting is the process when we consider a person’s medical history and lifestyle before deciding on insurance cover. It's about ensuring we assess the potential risk of injury or illness.

The majority of people will be fully covered without the need for medical underwriting, but when it is called for, we aim to make it as quick and simple as possible.



Tele-underwriting is the easiest and fastest way to get covered. Employees can choose the date and time of their appointment through our online booking service – and reschedule with a simple click if something comes up.

All interviews are carried out by our experienced underwriters in a relaxed, conversational manner. We won’t need any more than 30 minutes and it’s likely to be quicker than that.

Using tele-underwriting also means we can address any medical conditions or concerns at the time and, in most cases, make a decision immediately after the interview. All calls are strictly confidential and only used to arrange cover.

To book a tele-underwriting interview, please visit our online booking service here and have your policy number to hand.

Application form

For employees who would prefer to complete the underwriting questions online, our medical health and lifestyle questionnaire can be found here.

What you'll need to submit your application:

Email address

We’ll use your email address to confirm your identity via a confirmation email. Please ensure you have this confirmation email to hand as you’ll need to reply to it before you can submit your completed application form.


For security purposes, you will also need a password to submit your application. The password will be the Unum policy number requiring underwriting, which you can get from your employer or their adviser. If we have asked for underwriting for more than one policy, you can use any of these policy numbers as the password. Please note that you’re currently unable to save or retrieve an incomplete application, so please make sure you have the password to hand before completing the application.

Medical test results

As we’ll be asking you some questions about your health and lifestyle, you may find it useful to have a copy of your most recent medical or other recent test results with you (from the last 3 years – if you have them), though this isn’t essential.

Additional information

You can add information (such as test results and medical letters) to your application as an attachment, but please make sure they are not password protected.

Once you have signed your application and replied to the confirmation email, your completed questionnaire will be sent directly to the Medical Underwriting team at Unum. We’ll confirm receipt and include a copy of your completed application via your email address.  

We’ll then assess your application and will get back in touch if we require any additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 0345 601 2177 or muw@unum.co.uk.

Support services

Our customers also get access to a range of built-in, added value services, including:

Rehabilitation services

From early intervention to return to work plans, our award-winning rehabilitation service can help.

Unum LifeWorks

Unum LifeWorks is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that provides a comprehensive package of work/life support services to employees and their immediate family members. Income Protection customers also get additional employer services.

Workplace wellbeing

Our wellbeing hub can help businesses create or review a workplace wellbeing strategy. It also provides access to CPD-approved tools and guides to help employers navigate sickness absence, and learn more about the problems employees with serious illnesses may face.

Mental health in the workplace

Recognising, valuing, improving and protecting mental health in the workplace makes sound business sense, so we’re proud to be partnering with The Mental Health Foundation to highlight the importance of safeguarding employees' mental wellbeing.