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Unum adds cancer support service to group critical illness proposition

18th July 2016

Employee benefits provider Unum has added cancer support to its offering for group critical illness customers, providing much needed help for employees with a cancer diagnosis.

With cancer rates increasing and tailored treatments to achieve best possible outcomes for individuals now available, Unum believes the time is right to introduce an enhanced level of guidance from specialists in cancer pathways. The service for all employees with group CI cover from Unum, including those covered under its recently launched Simplicity CI product, is provided by Harley Street Concierge Limited (HSC), the UK’s leading provider of non-charitable personalised cancer support.

HSC has pioneered a comprehensive and practical approach to helping cancer patients. Unum’s cancer support service is designed to ensure employees understand their cancer better and to clarify the options available to them so they can move forward with greater confidence. Where a second opinion is required, HSC will provide fast tracked access to a network of leading experts in the particular type of cancer under review, matching the specialist to the particular needs of the employee when arranging an accompanied consultation to discuss the cancer and the NHS and private treatment options available. The service includes collection of medical evidence from the treating physician, a further pathology review and the ongoing expert support of a named contact through the cancer journey.

Unum’s Liz Walker says, "Cancer is the number one cause of our CI claims and this important new service will expand the range of help we already offer our customers, from the Unum LifeWorks employee assistance programme through workshops that help employers understand the needs of employees affected by cancer to our link to Maggie’s, the cancer charity offering the practical, emotional and social support that people with cancer need. And as with each of them, you don’t need to claim under the policy to get help from HSC. Members just give them a call to access the service."

Tim Warren, Commercial Director at HSC, said. "We are very passionate about supporting people with cancer and are delighted to be working with Unum, using our expertise to help people through one of life’s most challenging ordeals."