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Unum launches enhanced EAP offering

2nd April 2019

As part of its ongoing drive to broaden and deepen the services it provides to customers, employee benefits provider Unum is enhancing its proposition by offering more embedded benefits to all its Group Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life customers through its partnership with LifeWorks, including:

  • New perks and savings, such as digital gift card discounts, online cashback, in-store and online coupons, and lifestyle offers
  • An enhanced mobile app, available in the App Store or Google Play, bringing all of LifeWorks’ tools to the employee’s pocket
  • Wellness content, educating employees on physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing through articles, podcasts, toolkits and infographics
  • Personalised news feed for employers to suit their business needs, so wellbeing resources and company messages can be adjusted to reflect key business initiatives

New Year, New Job: Nearly 2 out of 5 UK workers on the job hunt, Unum finds

15th January 2019

It’s the time of year when many Britons resolve to improve their health and well-being, like eating better, exercising more, or saving money. They may also resolve to look for a new job.

  • Nearly a quarter of workers (24 percent) often think about quitting.
  • 43 percent of workers will probably look for a new job, and nearly 2 out of 5 workers (38 percent) are very likely to look for a new job.
  • Only 14 percent of workers feel strongly they would be happy staying with their current employers for the rest of their careers.

Unum welcomes Government’s focus on the ‘vital’ role of the workplace in supporting the nation’s health

7th November 2018

Employee benefits specialist Unum welcomes the Government’s ‘Prevention is better than cure’ report, which recognises the vital role businesses play in supporting the nation’s health and employability.

New research from Unum shows 72% of employees feel ‘nervous, tense or edgy at work’, with early intervention key to supporting mental health

9th October 2018

  • 72% of employees feel ‘nervous, tense or edgy at work’
  • 48% of employees feel ‘tired or worn out’ at least once a week
72% of UK employees say they feel nervous, tense or edgy while at work at least 5% of the time – according to employee benefits provider Unum. And this figure goes up to 82% among 24-34 year olds.

Unum launches Excepted Group Life Policy Master Trust

4th October 2018

Simplified Trust solution designed to enhance the Excepted Group Life offering for employers and help close the protection gap.

Employee benefits specialist Unum launches Excepted Group Life Policy (EGLP) Master Trust, a life insurance solution designed to simplify the employer experience when providing life cover for employees.

Man versus machine: UK workers look to tech to outpace AI rivals, Unum finds

24th September 2018

  • Almost half (43%) of UK workers look to tech to optimise performance as anxiety increases around AI
  • Over a third (36%) are willing to have workplace technology monitor their routine to improve productivity
  • New research from Unum examines the motivations and priorities of UK workers to understand how the nation’s workforce will change over the next decade

Unum launches Benni: a new employee-paid workplace benefits solution to complement employer-paid options

13th September 2018

  • New company offering a transformative end-to-end choice of quality employee paid benefits to businesses
  • Innovative new service aims to empower employees to choose, access, and pay for the benefits they need and value most
  • Underpinning our education, communication and enrolment services the Benni platform is available both stand alone and white labelled alongside existing benefit solutions

Unum helping more and more employees back to work after illness

6th August 2018

  • Unum has published its third annual Return to Work statement
  • 71 percent of people who filed claims with Unum’s Group Income Protection cover were helped back to work in 2017
  • Of the people who used Unum’s rehabilitation services, 90 percent were able to return to work within six months

Unum launches new Mental Health Pathway

23rd July 2018 (amended 12th December 2018)

Unum UK has launched a new support service to help employers and their employees get the help they need when first facing a mental health concern.

Responding to a big increase in stress-related work absences, Unum has developed a ‘Mental Health Pathway’ as an early intervention service.

British workers want access to dental insurance more than a company share save scheme or gym membership

4th June 2018

New research* from Unum Dental has found UK employees would prefer their employers to offer dental insurance to a company share save scheme or discounted gym membership. This finding comes on the back of yet another 5% hike in NHS dental care cost this year. Since 2015 NHS dental costs have increased by over 15%.

Counselling provided by Unum’s Employee Assistance Programme improves mental health for 92% of users

16th March 2018

Unum has published its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) data for the first time.

  • 70% of the 12,610 callers to the service wanted help with mental health problems, 14% with legal problems and another 14% with practical problems, such as caring responsibilities.

Unum UK announces new national and local charity partnerships

21st February 2018

Employee benefits specialist Unum UK announced its new national and local charity partnerships. As of January, two-year long partnerships with national charity Child Bereavement UK, Basingstoke’s Ark Cancer Centre Charity and Dorking’s Halow Project have begun.

Unum to acquire Poland-based Pramerica Życie

23rd January 2018

Entry into Polish market boosts company’s growth strategy.

Unum today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Pramerica Życie TUiR SA (“Pramerica Życie”), a financial protection provider in Poland, from a subsidiary of Prudential Financial, Inc. (“PFI”).

Debt worries can make any day the most depressing day of the year

10th January 2018

Unum urges employers to support mental and financial health year-round

  • Employers can increase their support in January – and all year round – by creating an open culture around mental health and debt and by increasing practical support.

Unum responds to ‘Improving Lives: the Future of Work, Health and Disability' paper - 'encourages further action'

8th December 2017

Employee benefits specialist Unum welcomes the Government’s latest paper ‘Improving Lives: the Future of Work, Health and Disability’ as a positive first step toward helping those with serious health problems and disabilities thrive at work, and encourages further actions to be taken. The report published on 30 November follows last year’s Work, Health and Disability Green Paper.

Speeches to launch CSR Report 2017

1st December 2017

Speech by Malcolm McCaig, Chairman of Unum UK, launching company’s CSR report “Championing Diversity in our Communities”.

View transcript of Malcolm McCaig's speech here.

Speech by Peter O’Donnell, Chief Executive of Unum UK, launching company’s CSR report “Championing Diversity in our Communities”.

View transcript of Peter O’Donnell's speech here.

Unum’s CSR initiatives making a difference in local communities

30th November 2017

Employee benefits specialist Unum UK today published its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, highlighting stories of caring, inclusion and social impact. The report reflects a clear commitment to supporting organisations and programmes that undertake a vital role in our communities.

Unum calls on Government and employers to ‘break the cycle’ of financial stress and lost productivity costing the economy £121 billion

15th November 2017

  • Financial stress costs economy £121 billion
  • Policy changes needed to ‘break cycle of money worries and lost productivity’

Unum highlights important role of employee benefits in response to Prime Minister’s review of mental health in the workplace

18th October 2017

  • Unum responds to the Prime Minister’s review on mental health in the workplace
  • Unum shares how employee benefits, especially Group Income Protection, support mental health at work
  • Unum calls for government’s support in increasing the number of working people who have access to mental health support at work

Work important to 86% of employees with a mental health problem

10th October 2017

  • People diagnosed with a mental health problem within the last five years were more likely to regard their job as very important to their mental health1.
  • Sickness absence or leaving work altogether is a last resort for most individuals1.
  • For those with mental health conditions, returning to work following an absence or periods of being unwell was necessary and beneficial for their own wellbeing1.

World Mental Health Awareness Day is 10 October, and the theme this year is mental health in the workplace.

Speech on Diversity and Inclusion on Companies Boards

21st September 2017

On 21 September 2017, Malcolm McCaig, Chairman of Unum UK, delivered a speech, “Sponsoring Diversity in a World of Unconscious Bias”, at Russam GMS’ conference on “Board Diversity: Inspiring a New Generation.”

View a transcript of speech here.

Gender and age differences revealed in Unum’s annual claims statement

21st September 2017

Unum has published its annual claims statement with information on every new group income protection (GIP) claim it paid in the last year. For the first time, it includes data on the differences in claims made by men and women at different stages of their lives:

  • It reveals that while claims increase greatly with age, high numbers of women claim throughout their working lives
  • Younger working women are particularly affected by mental health problems – 42% of women making a mental health claim are under 40 years old, compared to 21% of men
  • Almost a third of women who claim earn under £20,000, proving GIP is a valuable benefit for employees on low and middle salaries.

Unum UK joins Stonewall Diversity Champion Programme, promoting LGBT inclusion

13th September 2017

Employee benefits provider Unum has become a Stonewall Diversity Champion, a membership dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees. Being a Stonewall Diversity Champion is a key part of Unum’s Diversity and Inclusion programme, ensuring that all employees feel engaged, protected and empowered to perform well at work.

Unum welcomes appointment of first Minister for Financial Inclusion

15th June 2017

Following the announcement today that Guy Opperman MP has been appointed as the first Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, John Letizia, Head of Public Affairs and CSR at Unum said:

"I am very pleased that the government has recognised the need for strong, accountable leadership in government to promote financial inclusion.

Unum welcomes charity’s call for employers to invest in Group Income Protection to break link between money worries and poor mental health

1st June 2017

Employee benefits experts Unum have backed a new report by the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute in to financial difficulty and mental health at work. The report highlights how money worries affect employees’ mental health and reduce their productivity at work. It recommends employers invest in Group Income Protection so employees can recover quicker from periods of poor mental health and are less stressed by the risk of becoming too ill to work.

Unum urges next government to focus on building a healthier, more productive workforce

18th May 2017

Employee benefits expert Unum has published a new report making four key recommendations it believes the next government should take up as a matter of urgency to improve the health and productivity of UK workers:

  • Introduce a temporary tax break for SMEs to invest in Group Income Protection (GIP) to improve people’s work and health outcomes
  • Deliver a coordinated plan to build the financial capability of working people so they can prepare for the risk of becoming too ill to work
  • Trial a protection statement that shows working people the chance of becoming too ill to work, the income they could expect from their employer and the state, and signposts them to information on how to improve their financial resilience
  • Create a robust and pragmatic regulatory environment that supports innovation and economic growth while protecting policy holders.

Samantha Hoe-Richardson appointed non-Executive Director of Unum UK

25th April 2017

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has approved the appointment of Samantha (Sam) Hoe-Richardson as a non-Executive Director of Unum UK.

Malcolm McCaig appointed new Chairman of Unum UK

12th April 2017

  • The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has approved the appointment of Malcolm McCaig as Chairman of Unum UK Board. McCaig takes over, with immediate effect, from Rick McKenney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Unum Group, who remains on the UK board as a non-Executive Director.

Unum helps more people back to work, new Return to Work statement shows

10th April 2017

  • Unum has published its second annual Return to Work statement
  • 1040 people with serious health problems got back to work with Unum’s Group Income Protection Return to Work service last year, up from 1003 in 2015
  • More than half (53%) of the people Unum helped back to work had a musculoskeletal or mental health problem, the most common conditions forcing people out of work for health reasons
  • This year’s statement has a special focus on musculoskeletal problems showing a third (32%) of those who return to work using Unum’s service are in their 20s and 30s.

Unum welcomes House of Lord’s call for more financial capability training at work

5th April 2017

  • Unum backs report from the House of Lords Committee on Financial Exclusion calling for the new public financial guidance body to focus upon financial capability
  • The report states that employers benefit from investing in the financial capability of their staff. Unum supports the report’s recommendation that the government make financial training at work more widely available
  • Unum supports the report’s conclusion that the government must take more leadership and a more coordinated approach to build financial capability in the UK

Unum calls for government to introduce temporary tax break for employers that buy Group Income Protection to help more people with health problems to stay in work

14th February 2017

  • Unum has responded to the government’s Green Paper consultation on work, health and disability calling for a new financial incentive for employers to invest in Group Income Protection (GIP).
  • The tax incentive would lead to a significant increase in GIP coverage helping people with long term health problems to stay in work, boost productivity and benefit taxpayers.
  • Unum also supports the government’s proposal to improve sickness certification and the use of NHS Fit Notes.

Unum and Professor Dame Carol Black launch new essay collection on work and health

7th February 2017

Leading experts on work, health and disability have written essays for a new report, published by Unum1. The thought provoking collection, launched in Parliament yesterday, is the culmination of a project to mark the Five Year Anniversary of Dame Carol and David Frost CBE’s independent review of sickness absence for the government, Health at work.

SmarterInvestment signs distribution deal with Aon, as Unum announces 50% stake in the workplace ISA business

6th February 2017

  • SmarterInvestment announces distribution agreement with Aon to promote its workplace ISAs to UK employers
  • Move comes as Unum expands its employee benefits portfolio, acquiring a 50% stake in SmarterInvestment

Unum proves Group Income Protection is shaking off ‘exclusive’ image

20th January 2017

  • New data reveals that over half (55%) of employees with Group Income Protection (GIP) now earn less than £40,000
  • Over a fifth (22%) of employees with GIP work for small and medium sized organisations (SMEs) with fewer than 250 staff
  • With just 37% of women covered by GIP from their employer, findings highlight a gender benefit gap

Unum welcomes Green Paper focus on Group Income Protection

1st November 2016

Unum has welcomed the government’s recognition in a new Green Paper that “Group Income Protection policies have a much greater role to play in supporting employers” help people with health problems to stay in or return to work.

A third of all long-term absences caused by cancer

5th September 2016

  • Unum’s second annual claims statement shows cancer accounts for almost a third (31%) of Income Protection claims paid in the last year
  • Breast and gastrointestinal cancers make up almost half (48%) of all cancer claims
  • Income Protection shakes off ‘exclusive’ image as findings show around half (48%) of claimants earn under £30,000 a year

Unum partners with Pure Benefits to offer employee benefits to growing businesses

25th July 2016

Unum UK is partnering with new online platform, Pure Benefits, to offer ‘big-business’ employee benefits to small and growing businesses. This allows those who don’t currently offer these benefits a competitive edge as they vie to recruit and retain the best talent.

Unum adds cancer support service to group critical illness proposition

18th July 2016

Employee benefits provider Unum has added cancer support to its offering for group critical illness customers, providing much needed help for employees with a cancer diagnosis.

Unum signs Women in Finance Charter pledging to promote gender equality

11th July 2016

Unum has today signed the government’s new Women in Finance Charter, making a number of commitments to improve gender balance. By signing the Charter, Unum is pledging:

  • To set targets for a more balanced workforce
  • To publish the targets and report on progress on its website
  • To link executive pay to success in meeting the targets

A healthy smile makes the biggest first impression, say employers

1st July 2016

A smile is the first thing employers notice about a person, according to a survey conducted by employee benefits provider Unum, to mark the rebrand of National Dental Plan (NDP) to Unum Dental. The rebrand follows Unum’s acquisition of NDP back in September 2015 and cements Unum Dental’s position as a valuable addition to the Unum portfolio of employee benefits, products and services.

Unum UK appoints Liz Walker HR Director

7th June 2016

Liz Walker, former head of key accounts appointed to HR Director, Unum UK

Unum partners with the Mental Health Foundation

19th May 2016

  • Employee benefits experts Unum and The Mental Health Foundation announce a new long-term partnership highlighting the importance of safeguarding mental health in the workplace
  • The moves comes during Mental Health Awareness Week, with today (Thursday) focused on relationships in the workplace
  • The pair have released a new mental health training module providing practical solutions and advice for business leaders and HR professionals

Unum in strategic broker partnerships to grow critical illness cover

11th April 2016

Introducing Simplicity CI, a modern employee benefits solution for new to market customers

7 in 10 people return to work with Unum's rehab service

12th April 2016

- Unum’s first Return to Work statement finds 7 in 10 people with serious health problems were supported back into work after using its rehabilitation service last year

NDP is first insurer in Charity’s Recognition Scheme

3rd February 2016

The British Dental Health Foundation has confirmed its acceptance of National Dental Plan (NDP) into its Recognition Scheme, which approves products for the benefit of consumers and the dental profession.

Opportunity is there to grow GIP market

28th January 2016

Unum announces first-time buyer results

Group risk providers have worked hard over the last few years to bring their products into clearer focus and to create the right conditions for market growth. Employee benefits provider Unum has announced that this groundwork is bearing fruit.

Long-term sickness absence costs uk businesses £4.17bn a year

29th October 2015

- Around a quarter of this cost (£1.17bn) is formed of absences caused by mental illness
- By providing access to support early on, businesses can reduce the length and cost of absence and protect the bottom line

Unum welcomes publication of the 10-year Financial Capability Strategy

28th October 2015

- Today’s launch of a new strategy to improve financial capability is welcomed and a significant step in the right direction. Far too many people and families are still unable to manage money well and unprepared for difficult life events. This is an unsustainable situation, which requires a coherent and sustained robust approach, something that Unum has consistently called for.

A third of all long-term absences caused by cancer

3rd September 2015

- Unum’s first annual claims statement reveals that cancer and mental health accounted for almost half (47%) of Income Protection claims paid in the past year

Unum report: Benefits specialists analyse the biggest challenges for future workplace benefits

A new report sets out the future trends and challenges affecting the composition of an effective and desirable benefits package.

Unum adds AgeingWorks™ to its group risk offering to help older workers

Financial protection insurer Unum is adding AgeingWorks™ to the services available to its group risk customers – helping employees cope with the increasing demands of looking after ageing family members as they continue to work longer than ever before.  The online portal for elder care support and guidance will be available to over 150,000 employees of Unum’s income protection, critical illness and life cover customers.

Unum acquires National Dental Plan

10th August 2015 – Unum today announced the acquisition, pending regulatory approval, of National Dental Plan (NDP), a leading provider of dental insurance through the workplace. This adds a valuable offering to the Unum portfolio of employee benefits products and services.

Unum makes Mental Health First Aid courses available to employers

Employers with policies insured with financial protection specialist Unum now have easy access to Mental Health First Aid courses for their staff.

More than a quarter of long-term absences related to mental health 

New figures from Unum reveal that mental health issues accounted for 27% of Income Protection claims in 2014.

Unum enhances group critical illness cover 

Unum has added seven medical conditions to its group CI cover, taking the total to 40, and the scope of many of the insured events has been extended.

Unum refreshes group life offering, including a simpler approach and added EAP 

Unum has refreshed its group life proposition, with an emphasis on simplicity and adding value

Unum UK appoints new Board members and Senior Independent Director

Unum announces changes to the UK Board

Unum moves to Elixir as part of investment in customer service excellence 

Unum has signed a contract with Mastek (UK) Limited for Elixir, the market-leading administration system for group protection policies.

Unum launches On Course workshops to help employers tackle key health issues

Unum has launched a suite of workshops to help employers spot and manage some of the most common causes of sickness absence.

Unum invests in improved broker services to grow UK protection market

Unum is investing in its sales network in order to better support brokers and help them grow the UK protection market.

Unum calls on government to make Income Protection a back-up plan for UK employees

Industry-leading manifesto recommends four key steps to financially protect the nation

Creating companies that care - Unum creates best practice Blueprint for employers to engage employees and make them feel valued

Financial protection specialist Unum has today launched a practical guide for employers to help put plans in place to attract and retain the best people and ultimately thrive.

A third of workers would consider leaving their job due to poor workplace wellbeing

Research, commissioned by financial protection specialist Unum, reveals the impact of workplace wellbeing on staff loyalty in the Legal, Retail, Accountancy, Media & Advertising, and IT sectors

Employers are key to tackling UK protection gap

Employers should play a greater role in educating workers about financial risks and facilitating access to protection products, according to a new report from think-tank Demos.

Unum launches helpline to assist employers in tackling health issues early

Unum launches its early intervention helpline to help employers and employees to tackle health issues at an early stage and reduce sickness absence.

Businesses are more likely to protect their printers than their people

Businesses are more like to insure easily replaceable assets such as printers and mobile phones than they are their people, according to new research.

1 in 5 people with cancer want more from their employer

New research reveals almost 1 in 5 people with cancer who were employed full-time at the time of diagnosis (19%) felt their employer could do more to understand their needs and circumstances.i The key is better communication with almost 1 in 5 saying they were dissatisfied with the frequency of communication from their employer following treatment.ii

62% of men with cancer happy with the level of support from their employer, but many still need encouragement to ask for help in the workplace

Today new research shows that a large proportion of men who have completed cancer treatment say they had a positive experience of returning to work – with 62% saying they received good support from their employer during and after treatment – but more could be done to make sure the remaining third isn’t falling through the net.

The survey conducted by YouGov, and commissioned by insurer Unum in partnership with Maggie’s, the charity that provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer and their family and friends, suggests some men with cancer may miss out on the support available at work because they don’t anticipate how their everyday needs and role in the workplace may change, and so don’t talk about this with their employer.

Poor communication is costing UK businesses £2.7bn a year

Average business losing £470,000 a year in increased staff turnover and absence.

Failing to tell staff about the benefits on offer is costing UK companies £2.7bn every year, through increased staff turnover and sickness absence, according to new research from Cass Business School, part of City University London. And companies who’ve invested in good employee benefits, but haven’t told staff what they are entitled to, are no better off than if they hadn’t provided the benefits in the first place.

UK workers less financially secure today than in Thatcher's Britain

Employee benefits overhaul could restore protection to the UK's most 'at risk' workers

Today’s employees are more likely to fall into financial difficulty than they were 30 years ago, according to a new report from Cass Business School, part of City University London. The UK workforce has changed dramatically, becoming older, more feminised and including more disabled workers. But, employee benefits - designed to provide financial protection - have failed to adapt, leaving workers financially exposed.