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Ways for employers and employees to combat workplace stress

21 May 2018

How often do you hear people say they’ve been ‘stressed’ at work? Probably most days. But for thousands of employees this means more than just a throw-away comment.

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How to keep remote workers connected

13th April 2018

With National Work from Home day approaching (18th May 2018) and with more workers taking advantage of the benefits that flexible and remote working can bring, we look at how you can help ensure these workers feel connected, valued and part of the team.

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How your workplace can help the #MeToo movement

29 March 2018

It can’t have escaped your notice that the #MeToo movement, which started at the end of 2017, doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon, and for good reason.

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2018 business jargon and what it really means

20 March 2018

Have you put a record on to see who dances lately? Or solutionised? Love it or loathe it, it looks like office buzzwords are here to stay.

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The ever-increasing problem of obesity in the UK

11 January 2018

Scarily, more than a quarter of the UK’s population is now obese, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s annual Health at a Glance report1.

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Why Dry January means cheers for businesses

2 January 2018

As many of us return to the workplace clutching our Christmas stomachs, the thought of one more sandwich or one more glass of wine can leave us groaning – much like our chairs as we wedge our post-festive frames into place.

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