Offices of the future: what will change? [Infographic]

25th February 2016

Over recent years we’ve seen many changes to the ways in which businesses operate, and this extends to the office itself. A large factor in the changes to the office lies with technological developments; in what feels like a short space of time a lot of what we do has gone digital, many of us now use not one but two computer screens, and the office environment has made a bigger shift towards comfort and wellbeing.


As well as the changing workforce and what the future holds for employee benefits, the conventional idea of an office is being questioned. Over the next decade, changes to the office will become even more noticeable.

Our latest infographic explores what the office of the future may look like, including how technology could modify the way we communicate and how office spaces will adjust to accommodate different needs. Take a look and discover how your office could change in the years to come...

Add this infographic to your site by copying this code:


Add this infographic to your site by copying this code: