Brands Disrupting the Status Quo - Infographic

27 June 2017

When starting out, it’s important for a new business to find its niche and uncover what they can bring to the market that others can’t or haven’t. Our new infographic takes a look at several brands that are disrupting the status quo in their industry. These brands can teach us how to give a tried and tested business idea a unique spin and how you can stand out in the crowd.


We explore how the likes of Headspace, Airbnb and Purple Bricks have found ways to disrupt their industries, and the benefits this has had on both their business and the consumer. From real estate to the make-up industry, these brands are finding new ways to shake up their market and offer consumers something different. Do you think there are learnings to be taken from these brands which could be applied to your business? How would you go about disrupting your industry for the better?



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The companies mentioned in this infographic are just examples of some of the most disruptive brands, in our opinion. We don’t endorse them or their services and make no representation about their services.