Getting the most out of your Income Protection policy

Here are all the support tools and expertise you have access to from day one of taking out your Group Income Protection policy.


Helping you tackle the problems of staff absence or illness at work.

From day one of taking out your Group Income Protection policy, you have access to a whole host of tools and resources including rehabilitation, guidance on workplace issues, and workshops that cover how to tackle the most common causes of staff absence.

Whether it’s prevention, intervention or protection, we can help you tackle sickness absence every step of the way.


7 useful things included in your Group Income Protection (GIP) policy

From our helpline, to our rehab professionals, to our stress awareness, cancer and wellbeing workshops, there’s so much more to Income Protection than just making a claim.

You have immediate access to services and advice designed to keep your staff healthy, keep your managers up to date on potential workplace health issues and help prevent sickness absence from becoming a problem.

1. Help@hand: Help@hand provides insured employees with easy access to five key support services through one easy-to-use app, including remote GPs, mental health support, physiotherapy, medical second opinions and our Employee Assistance Programme.

2. Rehab helpline: Whether someone’s struggling at work with a health condition or off sick - call our rehab experts on 01306 646001.

3. EAP – 24/7 help for you and your employees: Our built-in Employer and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Unum LifeWorks, provides a wealth of help and support.

4. Free workshops on cancer - created with Maggie’s: Our free cancer workshops give employers the knowledge and understanding to help employees with cancer continue to work.

5. Workplace Wellbeing hub: Ebooks, research and more to help you shape your company’s workplace wellbeing.

6. Practical support with On Course wellbeing workshops: Our free workshops help managers and HR manage stress, sickness absence and musculoskeletal disorders. Our cancer workshop was created with Maggie's.
Click here for an overview of the workshops and how you can join us. We can also run these by webinar or even at employers’ premises. For more information, email Oncourse@unum.com

7. Mental Health Pathway: Unum’s Mental Health Pathway is an early intervention service that enables Unum's Group Income Protection customers and their employees to access specialist support, quickly, when mental health concerns are first raised.

8. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course: The MHFA workshop gives you the confidence and skills to spot mental health problems early, and take positive action. Unum customers get discounted rates.


How we can help your employees

If your employee is off sick or struggling while at work, we’re here to help.

Early intervention can often address issues quickly or can reduce the amount of time your employee is off. Simply, the sooner you call us, the quicker we can help. Here’s how:

Step 1 - Call our rehab helpline, or email us: When an employee is struggling at work or off and needing support, call 01306 646001 or email premier.referral@unum.co.uk.

Step 2 - Support from our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants: We’ll develop an individual return to work plan, and work with both you and your employee to help them return to work.


All the information you need to make a claim

If your employee remains off sick, making a claim offers support for them and protection for your business.

We’ve made our claims process simple. Your own dedicated Claims Management Specialist will be with you every step of the way, from what forms to fill in to how our rehab team can continue to help your employee.

How to make a claim: Making a claim is simple. Call us on 01306 873243, or find more information and download forms from our claims page.

How rehab can help: During or after a claim, our rehab team provide practical help to aid a return to work - even after long-term absence.

Complaints: We treat every claim fairly and consistently. But if you disagree with a decision, our complaints page tells you everything you need to know.