The Future Workforce

Trends including digital disruption and an increasingly broad employment demographic means UK workers are set to experience more changes in the next decade than any other. We interviewed industry experts and business leaders, and surveyed 3,000 employees on their key motivators and priorities, to gain insight into how the workforce will look 10 years from now.

Discover key trends shaping the workforce of tomorrow.


Find your workforce culture.


Hear from the four dominant worker cultures.


Understanding how the driving forces of change will shape the needs of the workers of the future is a core interest to our business. It's also a strategic priority for any organisation - large or small - needing to attract and retain talent, and maintain a productive workforce.

Peter O'Donnell, CEO, Unum

Report: The Future Workforce

Our Future Workforce report unpacks the biggest trends driving change today and examines the employment landscape they will shape, including the predicted rise of four dominant worker cultures:

  • the tech-enhanced worker
  • the obligated worker
  • the self-fulfilled worker
  • the socially-committed worker

By looking into the mindset, motivators and potential leaving triggers for each, and by providing practical tips and toolkits, the Future Workforce can help employers prepare for, and attract and retain, tomorrow’s talent.


Quiz: Find your workforce culture

Wondering which cultures make up your workforce now and in the future? Take our 3-minute quiz to find out…


Videos: The four workforce cultures

Hear from each of the four dominant worker cultures as they offer unique perspectives on their attitudes towards employment.

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