Why dental insurance?

Employees want it.

It's the most popular voluntary health benefit.1

Employees use it.

Provides cover towards check-ups, hygiene visits, and major treatment to restore oral health. Policy limits and exclusions apply.

Employees value it

Corporate dental insurance can often provide benefits over and above dental cover bought outside the workplace.

What does it cover?

A typical Unum Dental policy will include cover for:

  • 100% of NHS charges (excluding the A&E plan)
  • Check-ups and hygienist fees
  • Orthodontic fees for insured children
  • Fillings and root canal treatment
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants (not available on all plans)
  • Accidents, injuries and emergencies - including sports injuries
  • Mouthguards and sportsguards

Cover levels, annual limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to a benefit schedule for full details

Employees can also extend cover to their spouse, children and even parents (on request) at an additional cost.

Making a claim

Making a claim shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. That's why we've simplified the process so there's no need for claim forms. Claims can be logged and tracked via the online portal for fast settlement.

Speak to your adviser about taking out a plan or you can deal with us directly. Start by requesting a quote here.


1. Survey conducted in Feb-March 2017 among users of www.employeebenefits.co.uk received 175 responses