Unum Cancer Support Service

Unum partners with Reframe (formerly Harley Street Concierge), a provider of personalised cancer support, to provide our cancer support service.

When someone is first diagnosed with cancer it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Reframe can help employees understand their situation so that they can make a decision that is best suited to them.

Tel: 0207 965 0309

In addition to the Unum Cancer Support Service we also provide access to:


Employee Assistance Programme

(Unum LifeWorks)

Providing comprehensive, 24/7 support for employees.

Our Employee Assistance Programme is designed to give information and practical advice on issues such as work, family, relationships, money and health.

The service is provided by LifeWorks and is available via the web, freephone and a mobile app.


Maggie’s cancer charity

Unum’s partnership with Maggie’s cancer charity offers free practical, emotional and social support for those with cancer as well as their family and friends.

Visit the Maggie’s website to find the nearest Maggie’s Centre or to access their services online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reframe Support services

Dedicated case manager

(an employee’s first point of contact)

Each person using the Unum Cancer Support Service will be given a dedicated case manager who will be their main point of contact throughout.

The first step will be a telephone conversation (an orientation call).  The case manager can then help to better understand both the diagnosis and the options available.


Personal cancer care review

This is a telephone assessment with a cancer nurse specialist.

The call is used to identify needs and concerns, and to then agree an action plan to address these. The plan could include any of the services outlined in this cancer pathway.

A lot of information will be covered during the call so it will always be followed up with a written summary.


Second opinion

The Unum Cancer Support Service can arrange, and pay for, a consultant to review the diagnosis and treatment plan. For example:

  • A pathology review to confirm cell type. A clinician would then be able to discuss the pathology and treatments available.

A second opinion may be required for other issues which come as a result of a cancer diagnosis such as fertility or plastic surgery.

Please note that the Unum Cancer Support Service provides one second opinion per user. It does not cover the cost of any treatment or expenses incurred whilst attending appointments, such as travel costs. Additional second opinions can be provided but the cost would not be covered by Unum or Reframe and would need to be funded.

Regular contact

Providing regular contact to:

  • Check progress
  • Address concerns
  • Ensure access to the emotional and practical support

Consultation support

(pre, during and after)

This could include:

  • Telephone support to prepare for the appointment (For example, talking through the questions to ask and following this up in an email).
  • The cancer nurse specialist listening to the consultation by Skype, telephone or in person and making notes (In person support is available for appointments within one hour of London).
  • Discussion after the consultation.

Ongoing personal cancer care support

Access to the Unum Cancer Support Service is provided for up to 2 years from the point of contact.

This includes the support and services of the case manager and cancer nurse specialist.

Symptom management support

This could include:

  • Assessment of symptoms, triggers and the current treatment plan.
  • Providing further information (fact sheets for example).
  • Linking with other healthcare professionals and support services such as GPs.
  • Clinical nurse support. For example, sourcing and arranging support services such as physio or identifying emotional support. Please note that the cost of support services is not covered by Unum or Reframe and will need to be additionally funded.

State benefit and grant information

Practical support in applying for benefits such as information on what is available (including Macmillan Grants) and help with completing forms.

Psychological support

This could include talking to a cancer nurse specialist or more formal counselling.

Medical concierge

Coordinating all aspects of private treatment including the arrangement of medical appointments, travel and accommodation. Please note that the cost of travel and accommodation is not covered by Unum or Reframe.

Broadening your options

Helping people to determine eligibility for early access drug programmes and clinical trials.

Access to cancer experts

Providing access to qualified cancer experts where more in-depth clinical queries require more investigation.

Support service

The case manager will source and arrange any support services that are needed. Examples of this may include counselling or a plastic surgeon review.

Please note that the cost of the support services is not covered by Unum or Reframe and will need to be additionally funded.

Signposting to support groups

This could include:

Researching support groups to ensure they are appropriate. For example:

  • The size of the group
  • Who attends (survivors, family members, types of cancer, age range)
  • How long the meetings are
  • How often the group meets
  • Who leads the meetings (a professional or a survivor)
  • The format of the meetings

Help in preparing to join a group. For example, taking into consideration:

  • Am I comfortable talking about personal issues?
  • Do I have something to offer to the group?
  • What do I hope to gain by joining a group?

Post treatment support

Post treatment, the service will focus to recovery, health and wellbeing and enabling people to gain control of their lives.

Email pathway@unum.co.uk to get started