As the number of people living with cancer increases1, so does the need for support for those impacted.

Cancer is incredibly difficult for the person going through it and for family and friends. It can also be tough for employers to know how to deal with the situation.

The Cancer Pathway provides quick and easy access to support at diagnosis, through treatment, after treatment and end of life – whenever it is needed.

How do I access the pathway?

  • Step 1

    Email or get in touch with your existing Unum claims / Rehab contact.

  • Step 2

    One of our trained health professionals will contact you within 48 hours to assess your needs.

  • Step 3

    We’ll use the services within this section to create a ‘pathway’ that’s appropriate for you.

Key statistics


In 2015, there were an estimated 890,000 people of working age living with cancer in the UK and this is set to increase to over 1 million by 20302.


And on average, 339 cases of cancer were diagnosed everyday among people of working age in the UK in 20152.


A Macmillan Survey in 2016 found that 87% of line managers said they have not been given any training on how to support people with long term conditions including cancer3.

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