COVID-19 Group Risk Claims and FAQs

Updated on 05/01/2021

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  • Yes. We are still accepting referrals by telephone to provide return to work support.

    We will need a completed consent form in order to progress a referral. As long as we have up to date contact details for the employee (phone number, email address and postal address) we can send and receive the consent form:

    • By post
    • Via email using our e-signature software

    Workshops are being delivered via webinar. All existing bookings for face to face seminars have been changed to webinar delivery, Bookings for new webinars can be made via the usual booking platform and will be delivered via webinar for the foreseeable future.

  • Yes. Our top priority is to continue serving our customers while caring for our people and we’re confident in our ability to do this.

  • We are committed to the ABI Protection Pledges to:

    • Support the National Health Service
    • Support those making a claim
    • Support vulnerable customers

    Supporting the NHS

    We will need the normal medical evidence to confirm eligibility for benefit. However, we want to reduce the burden on the NHS wherever possible and also ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in assessing claims and paying benefit. Therefore, we are looking at other ways we can gather the evidence needed e.g. in the first instance we will phone claimants to gather information directly where possible, we will also make requests of resources that do not place a burden on the NHS, such as Occupational Health. If we are not able to gain the medical information that we need from these alternative sources then we will continue to request information from doctors/consultants as needed.

    Supporting those making a claim

    We’ve identified critical system needs for our business and have plans in place to ensure they will remain operational during this pandemic.

    The business continuity procedures in place allow for post, such as original certificates, to be collected and processed in the usual way from our Dorking office.  These procedures are being constantly monitored and reviewed, and we will let customers know if there are any changes that impact them.

    Original certificates

    Until further notice, we are adopting the following approach:

    For policyholders and brokers:

    • We may accept a scanned copy or photograph of an original certificate as long as the image is sufficiently clear and fully legible

    The documents must be sent from the appropriate work email address.

    • Wet signatures on claims documents

    Our preference is to receive a wet signature on claims documents, however, until further notice, we will consider the following additional options:

    For policyholders and brokers: 

    • Where a wet signature is normally required, we will review on a case-by-case basis. We may consider the option of an electronic signature using our software or a scanned copy or photograph of the original, as long as the image is sufficiently clear and fully legible.

    The documents must be sent from the appropriate work email address.

    For Trustees

    • Where a wet signature is normally required, we will review on a case by case basis. We may consider the option of an electronic signature using our software, or a scanned copy of the original, as long as the image and signatures are sufficiently clear and fully legible.
    • The documents must be sent from an appropriate work email address of the policyholder.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot accept electronic signatures using software other than our e-signature software.

    For employees:

    • A scanned copy or a photograph of the original document submitted by email as long as:
      • The scan or photograph is sufficiently clear and fully legible, and
      • The original document as scanned/photographed clearly has a wet signature that allows us to validate the document.
    • We can also use e-signature software as needed.

    Supporting vulnerable customers

    We continue to offer vulnerable customers additional support and assistance where required.

  • We are committed to the ABI Pledges to:

    • Remain “open for business” and offer cover to as many customers as possible during this challenging and unpredictable environment.
    • Act responsibly in the context of the National Health Service’s priorities and be sensitive to the pressures on the healthcare services from the impact of COVID-19. This could mean that some applications from new customers are delayed or postponed to avoid putting further strain on healthcare services.
    • Explore alternative approaches to order to provide cover to new customers and be flexible when it is appropriate and possible to do so.
    • Continue to review practices that consider the latest Governmental and other medical guidance, with a view to returning to normal procedures as soon as is practical, and to proactively communicate any changes to their approaches to customers and advisers.

    For members who have initiated medical underwriting (e.g. made an appointment for a tele-interview, completed a tele-interview or we have received an application form), our terms and conditions allow temporary cover to continue until any medical information is received and/or we reach a decision. If we are unable to obtain the information we need to complete medical underwriting we will:

    • Delay the underwriting decision
    • Stop temporary cover
    • Restart the underwriting process after social distancing measures have been lifted and the information we need is likely to be available

    Our delaying of the underwriting decision is a temporary measure due to the current coronavirus pandemic. It is not a medical decline or restriction at this time and should not impact the member’s ability to apply for insurance in the future.

    If the member does not engage when the medical underwriting process is restarted they will remain limited to the free cover limit or the most recent benefit on risk, if higher.

    Please note that members who were previously restricted, either due to a medical decision or non-completion of underwriting, are not eligible for temporary cover.

    • We have a digital form, with digital signature, which is routed to us automatically via encrypted email. Details can be found at
      Employees will need the scheme policy number and should take special care when entering their email address, as if entered wrongly they will not be able to validate their forms and the contents will be lost.
    • If customers still hold PDF versions of our application form, we will accept these (and we accept clearly scanned “wet signatures”). These should be sent to us at
    • We also offer tele-interviews. These can be booked via the same webpage.
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