25/11/2015: Increasing & Improving Workplace Wellbeing & Health

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November 25th

The importance of workplace wellbeing is now becoming increasingly recognised in the UK's workforce. As 131 million working days are lost to sickness absence, amounting to a £17 billion loss for the UK economy, the government is committed to improving workplace health and wellbeing in order to tackle the high costs.

Increasing and Improving Workplace Wellbeing and Health forum will provide delegates with the opportunity to explore the latest government policies and strategies to enhance health and wellbeing in the workplace. Through studying innovative case studies, delegates will be presented with the unique opportunity to examine best practice methods for implementing wellbeing programmes, reducing sickness absence and supporting employees back into work.

Why not check out our Wellbeing Hub for tips and ideas on implementing an effective wellbeing strategy.


March 16th-17th


The Royal College of Surgeons, London


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