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Top tools for communicating your Critical Illness policy

Our Workplace Communications Blueprint laid out the best practice for employers keen to inform employees about their benefits. Here are our top tools specifically designed to get the Critical Illness message across and engage staff.

A lot of hard work, time and money go into selecting a benefit to match a business demographic and their needs. This is followed by sifting through potential suppliers to find the best fit. And after all that, there’s the cost in providing it year-on-year. Ensuring maximum take-up reaps the rewards of all that effort.

There can be a tendency to think that just adding it to the list of benefits available for new starters or during a benefits window is enough. But study after study has found that employee awareness is typically low. Increasing this awareness is vital to engagement, take-up and ultimately, the success of any employee benefits portfolio.

Our Workplace Communications Blueprint gives employers the ‘how’. These are the ‘where’ for Unum’s Critical Illness.

Announcement letters and web communication

Use these announcements letters to introduce the Critical Illness as an employee benefit to staff. And for your intranet or benefits window, here’s some handy web text:

Employee guides

The nitty-gritty. Our user guides lay out everything an employer and employee needs to know about what’s covered (and what isn’t) by your chosen Critical Illness policy and who’s covered, plus all the other important stuff.

Built-in benefits

Our Critical Illness policy comes with built-in, added value services, including our Cancer Support Service through Reframe (formerly known as Harley Street Cancer Concierge) which is part of our Cancer Pathway.

For more information about our Critical Illness policy or how we can help communicate it to employees, contact your Unum Sales Consultant.

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