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Supporting a return to work

Returning to work after illness or injury can be relatively straightforward, though there are circumstances that can make the process more complex. The current pandemic, for example, has meant many people are either on furlough or working from home, so it can be challenging to ensure employees returning to work have the support they may require.

While some people find returning to work following illness or injury brings a welcome return to routine, others may struggle to adapt. As lockdown measures begin to ease, your business will need to consider how you can best support your employees making the transition back into work, either from furlough or back into the office after working from home for a sustained period, when the time comes.

For those on furlough or who have been away from the workplace for some time, returning to the daily work routine and potentially getting used to new ways of working post-pandemic may take some time.

To help you manage this, we’ve created a range of ‘return to work’ materials and templates to read and download.

Covid-19 resources

The pandemic means there are numerous challenges when it comes to supporting a transition back to work. Our Covid-19 guides can help to both prepare and support your employees:

Graduated return to work

For our Income Protection customers, access to our rehabilitation and return to work support is available whenever it’s needed. The following guides and templates can help support your employees return to work following absence.

A graduated return to work plan (GRTW) is designed to help people overcome difficulties following illness or injury and support them back into the workplace.

We’ve created a number of return to work plan templates. The templates can be edited  to suit your business and employee needs:

Wellness action plan

We have also created a Wellness Action Plan and companion document which can be used if your employee has ongoing health issues or a fluctuating condition, for example those who may still be in work but struggling. The plan can also be used to support the future management of the employee’s health in the workplace.

For our Income Protection customers, our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants (VRCs) can offer a wide range of support, guidance and expertise. If you need help or would like more information, please call our Rehab helpline on 01306 646 001.

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