We have set up this page to provide all our UnumOnline customers with contact details, whether you are using our:

• quotes service for Group business
• underwriting service for Individual income protection business.

Technical Support

For technical help with either service, or if you would like to report a technical issue, please call our Technical Support helpline:

0800 917 8109
Open Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm .

Group Business - UnumOnline Quotes 

Sales and Product information
To speak to a Unum Sales Consultant about our online quotes service for Group business or our offline quote facility, please contact your nearest Unum sales office:

  • Birmingham: 0345 712 5241
  • Southern (Dorking): 0345 712 5242
  • Glasgow: 0345 712 5243
  • London: 0207 841 5900
  • Group Risk Teleconsultancy team: 0117 910 7890

Executive Income Protection - UnumOnline Underwriting

Sales and Product information
To find out about writing group business for the first time, our online underwriting service, or our Executive Income Protection product, please contact our business development team on:

Tel: 0117 910 7733