Quote and Cover

Here's how to get a quote, arrange cover and get in touch with us about all of our Group Income Protection, Life and Critical Illness products - including Flexible Benefits and Voluntary Critical Illness.


Getting a quote

To get a quote for any of our products - Group Income Protection, Group Life, Group Critical Illness or Dental cover - simply fill out this short form and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

So we know who you want us to cover under the policy, you must send us an up-to-date membership list.

UnumOnline - online quotes for fewer than 100 people

UnumOnline - our online quotes system - can be used to get a quote for:

  • Group Income Protection
  • Registered and Excepted Group Life
  • Group Critical Illness

You can use UnumOnline to get a quote provided that:

  1. You need a quote for fewer than 100 people, and
  2. Your client does NOT already have cover with us


Arranging cover

If your client would like to accept one of our quotes, the steps below show you how to arrange cover.

  • Step 1: Agree to Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA)
  • Step 2: Confirm the quote you are accepting
  • Step 3: Cover will start
  • Step 4: Complete medical underwriting forms, if required

Step 1: Agree to the TOBA


Before we can do business together, we first need to receive and accept your completed commission account form, which, together with the TOBA and quote, sets out the terms of our business agreement.

You can send your commission account form to us via:

  • Email: Agency.desk@unum.co.uk, or
  • Post: Agency Department, Unum Limited, Milton Court, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3LZ

Please keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Unum Dental

Our agreement to do business together will start once we provide you with the completed commission schedule.

Step 2: Confirm the quote you're accepting

There are a few things that we'll need from you if you'd like to accept your quote:

If you would like to proceed, please:

  • Read through the category benefits and eligibility sections to ensure we have your correct information
  • Check through the terms and complete any outstanding requests or actions
  • Provide the company name, address and registration number, if applicable
  • Email us to confirm you would like us to provide cover, including the quote reference number, the cover option number you've chosen, the date you would like cover to start and the policy anniversary date

Please also send us:

  • Any medical underwriting details switched from the previous insurer
  • Details of any subsidiary companies that are covered
  • Evidence that a customer verification check has been completed (only needed in certain circumstances, e.g. where a company isn’t registered on Companies House database)
  • For Registered Group Life – if you would like to be part of the Unum Master Trust, please complete a Notice of Participation form for each employer to be covered

Our quote also lists any additional information you may need to send for us to confirm cover.

If you have more up-to-date data than that already provided, please include this in your confirmation.

To pay by direct debit, please arrange for the direct debit mandate to be completed and returned with your quote confirmation email.

Step 3: Cover will start

Once we've received the information in Step 2, we'll write to let you know that cover for your client has started and we'll issue an account.

Step 4: Medical underwriting

At the same time as issuing the account, we'll let you know which scheme members, if any, need medical underwriting.

Members who do need underwriting will need to fill in a medical health and lifestyle questionnaire.

The employer should complete the initial scheme details on the form. The member will then need to complete questions about their lifestyle and medical history.

Please send the completed questionnaire by:

  • Email: muw@unum.co.uk
  • Post: Medical Underwriting, Unum, Milton Court, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3LZ