Our CSR activities in the UK centre around three key pillars:

  • Education: Our efforts include corporate giving and volunteer support for school programmes, and education and mentoring relationships with young people in our local communities.
  • Health & Wellbeing (including Disability): We understand the importance of health and wellbeing and seek to provide charitable donations and other activities to support the health of children and adults in our local communities. Furthermore, as a leading provider of disability benefits, we have a strong understanding of the complex challenges created by disabilities in our communities. We are committed to aiding young people and families who are confronting those challenges through charitable donations and volunteering opportunities.
  • Arts, Culture and Sport: Unum supports organisations that embrace creative expression in our local communities, from displaying public art in our offices to sponsoring local festivals and other cultural and sporting programmes that enhance the community.


We have a proud history of charitable donations throughout the UK and US, as well as supporting many local and national organisations through volunteer activities by our employees. Each year, every Unum employee is allowed 2 working days to carry out volunteering duties for a charity or local community project.

In 2017, staff volunteered 4,510 hours (622 working days) on projects ranging from painting and decorating, landscaping and conservation team challenges to longer-term mentoring partnerships with local schools. Many of our colleagues have also undertaken unpaid work, using their business skills to help organisations with their websites, marketing materials, accounting and auditing, and social media and PR work.

The environment

Conscious of the impact our operations have on our local environments, we have introduced a comprehensive, company-wide recycling and energy management programme. Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we produce that ends up in landfill, increase our recycling volumes and reduce the amount of energy we consume, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and operating costs.

In 2017 we saved more than 15,000kg of CO2 and 165 trees through our recycling and waste management programme. Through our “Switch it Off” energy management campaign the energy saved would be sufficient to power 144 homes across the UK for an entire year. We also revamped part of our Head Office in Dorking to improve the way we work together. By installing new energy-saving measures, such as more efficient LED lighting, we also reduced our energy consumption in this area by 60%. 

Matched Giving

Unum is grateful to the many employees who give back to their communities each day. That’s why we created our Matching Gifts programme where we will match employee monetary donations to charities that are aligned with our pillars of giving. We are proud to have received the Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark every year since 2013, which recognises that at least 10% of our employees donate regularly to charities through payroll.GAYE_gold_2017.png