Unum has evolved over the past forty years to become the leading provider of group income protection cover in the UK. We have both the largest number of schemes and the largest premium income of any provider in the UK.

We have grown to this significant position based upon the following events:

1970 - N.E.L. Permanent Health Insurances Limited (NELPHI) is incorporated as a subsidiary company to NEL.

1990 - Unum Corporation (US) purchased NEL and becomes the parent company of NELPHI.

1991 - NELPHI changed its name to Unum Limited.

1999 - Unum Corporation merged with Provident Companies to become UnumProvident, the largest income protection company in the world.

2000 - Unum Limited acquired the risk and claims management of Zurich Life's group income protection business.

2001 - Unum Limited reinsured the in-force premium portfolio of Liverpool Victoria's group income protection business and acquired the renewal rights to the business.

2003 - Unum Limited acquired the UK group income protection business of Sun Life Financial of Canada and the renewal rights to its UK group life business.

2004 - Unum Limited became the Multinational Pooling partner with Swiss Life in Zurich, Switzerland and assumed responsibility for their in-force group income protection claims in the UK.

At the end of 2019, Unum protected over 1.7 million people in the UK and paid claims of £326 million - representing in excess of £6 million a week in benefits to our customers - providing security and peace of mind to individuals and their families.