The World's Strangest Insurance Policies - Infographic

28 February 2017

For employers, offering benefits packages which include types of insurance, such as PMI and Income Protection, can be beneficial for all parties. Insurance tends to protect us from worst case scenarios and ensure we’re prepared for almost every eventuality. However, home, health and life insurance are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are far more unusual types of insurance out there.



As shown in our new infographic, people can insure themselves against almost anything, including alien abduction, falling coconuts and poltergeist attacks. We also explore the celebrities who have insured body parts and talents, such as Heidi Klum who has insured her legs, but thanks to a small scar on one of her legs they’re not valued at equal amounts.

Uncover more unusual insurance policies below. Would you be tempted to take any of these policies out?


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