Techniques to Combat Stress & Anxiety at Work [Infographic]

22 Oct 2015


Wednesday 4th November marks Stress Awareness Day, and with 487,000 reported cases of illness related to work stress, depression and anxiety between 2013-14  it’s definitely a day worth acknowledging.  Work related stress and anxiety can affect employees from any type of business and walk of life and can feel all-consuming. However, learning techniques and methods to deal with stress and anxiety can help to relieve the symptoms and leave employees feeling more relaxed.

Promoting issues related to health and wellbeing in the workplace can help employees feel supported and could help to provide them with the tools they need to cope with issues related to stress and anxiety. So, this Stress Awareness Day why not share our latest infographic with your team and let employees know that they needn’t suffer in silence.

Add this infographic to your site by copying this code:

Add this infographic to your site by copying this code:

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