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Tackling mental health in the legal sector

11 February 2015

Mental ill health is a big concern for all businesses at the moment, accounting for 70 million sick days a year. When it comes to the high-pressured, competitive nature of the legal profession, the risk of an employee suffering a mental health issue is a significant concern.

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Does your company have a sweet tooth? [Infographic]

2nd February 2016

Cookies, cakes, fizzy drinks, hot drinks, bread, sauces, fruit…

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, it’s pretty hard to steer clear of sugar completely. Even if you’re not big on snacking on chocolate bars or Haribo during the mid-afternoon slump, there’s a good chance you consume a certain amount of sugar just by eating your M&S sandwich at lunch.

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4 business costs that HR can fix

27th January 2016

There are likely many business costs that keep FDs – and their MDs – awake at night. While HR can’t remedy all of them, there are some that they can have a positive effect on. Here we look at some of the huge costs that businesses can incur and suggest some of the ways that HR – by using a number of wellness tools - can help to reduce them.

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The world’s oldest brands and the secrets to their long lives [infographic]

20th January 2016

When starting out in business it can be useful to learn from those with more experience; this kind of guidance can be invaluable when learning the ropes. However, it’s not only individuals who can learn from more experienced parties: it’s also possible for one business to learn from another. Our latest infographic looks at some of the world’s oldest brands and explores the secrets to their longevity.

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5 ways to make the day more productive

15th January 2016

On your good days at work you leave on time thinking things like:

‘I’ve really done a lot today. I’ve achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I ploughed through so much work. I even did all my online food shopping during my lunch break…’

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Could these 4 apps increase productivity in your office?

15th January 2016

Workers who use mobile technology in the workplace are ‘appier’ than their colleagues, according to a 2015 report from Webexpenses. That’s great news for your employees, but also great news for your business as research from the University of Warwick found that happy people are 12 per cent more productive than “normal” people.

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