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Workplace wellbeing: how can the employee benefits industry help you?

24th October 2016

Whether you have taken steps to focus on workplace wellbeing, or are just starting to improve your strategy, navigating through what you need to consider and all the different aspects of ‘what makes a good wellbeing strategy’ can be quite overwhelming.

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From the top down: physical health vs. mental health

21st October 2016

Many people have a hard time accepting something if they can’t see it with their own eyes. If someone’s broken a leg, it’s pretty clear what the problem is. They might get a few weeks off from work, maybe some physiotherapy and employers have a fairly good idea of when they’d be able to come back into the office full time. It’s pretty straightforward – and the giant cast kind of gives it away.

Physical health is easily identifiable – but what about mental health?

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Do healthy directors influence a healthy business?

20th October 2016

It’s generally believed that if you have a buddy at the gym, a running partner or a regular fitness class, you’re more likely to stick at your health goals. Could the same be true about the health of a business whose directors are keen on their own wellbeing? Does their outlook effect how they view workplace wellbeing?

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Dyslexia Awareness Week - how do you manage it in the workplace?

6th October 2016

Dyslexia Awareness Week – 3rd – 9th October

Businesses are made up of individuals, from a variety of different backgrounds and with a range of needs and responsibilities. And while employers may have a benefit package in place to support their employees with their finances, work-life balance and health, it’s crucial to for line managers to understand the different people within their team and to recognise when someone might need some extra help.

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The unusual eating habits of successful people

26th September 2016

Most of us will have bizarre food habits, whether it's eating only brown foods, or occasionally sneaking that crisp sandwich when no one's looking...

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14 of the most sought after office locations & why

22nd September 2016

For businesses big and small, it’s all about location. Whether a start-up or an established company, deciding where to open an office is one of the most critical decisions there is to make.

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