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Financial health is a marathon not a sprint

8 December 2016

Elect guest blog

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Financial education in the workplace - infographic

30 November 2016

Financial worries affect people in many different ways and can be caused by various factors. These can range from worrying about saving a deposit to buy a new home, to paying for university fees or putting away a nest egg for the future. With a survey finding that 50% of HR professionals said their employees had requested access to financial education in the workplace, it’s clear that people are not as well informed as they’d like.

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5 ways to help your employees kick the bad habit of working late

3 November 2016

Working hard doesn’t mean working long hours, but many employees feel pangs of guilt if they leave the office on time when their colleagues are still slaving away. Many businesses struggle with a culture of working late, which can lead to unproductive, stressed out workers.

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Which benefits are offered by the world's top employers?

2 November 2016

A well-rounded employee benefits package can have really positive effects for a company, as well as its employees. For employees, a good benefits offering can help them to prepare for the future, as well as unexpected events such as falling ill, while also having the potential to save them money and find more of a work-life balance. While for employers, providing strong benefits can aide staff retention and morale, and can also act as an influencer to prospective candidates.

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Taking workplace wellbeing global

1 November 2016

Employees might not always love coming into work. It might be a grey morning that makes it a struggle to get out of bed, a nightmare commute by road or rail, or a particularly busy period that they just can’t see the end of yet. However, having a visible and maintainable focus on workplace wellbeing could really help to boost morale, loyalty and productivity within your company and going some way to putting a spring in their step.

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Workplace wellbeing: how can the employee benefits industry help you?

24th October 2016

Whether you have taken steps to focus on workplace wellbeing, or are just starting to improve your strategy, navigating through what you need to consider and all the different aspects of ‘what makes a good wellbeing strategy’ can be quite overwhelming.

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