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Making 'what if' a reality: the benefits of early intervention

21st November 2015

Many people often have that thought after something has happened: what if…? It’s so easy to think about what you could have said or done after an event has happened – a family argument perhaps, or an interesting, insightful point that came to you 5 minutes after your meeting ended. Not much can be done about it now.

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Unusual Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed [infographic]

18th November 2015

Finding the right candidate for a role can be a lengthy process as you try to match skills and experience. However, some jobs can require much more specific skillsets than others, such as being a professional tea taster which requires an individual to be able to identify all the different ingredients in a blend of tea.

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5 ways to deal with office bullying using playground tactics

17th November 2015

This week marks Anti-Bullying Week. But bullying doesn’t just happen the in the playground - one in ten workers say they've been bullied in the workplace. We take a look at what you can do to hit office bullies where it hurts. 

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Posture People: how to make your workplace fit for agile workers

3rd November 2015

Posture People guest blog

“How and where we work is in a state of flux. Within our workplace we are experiencing more change, more quickly than at any time in the last 25 years”- Jim Taylour, Orangebox

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5 weird and wonderful ways to relieve workplace stress

2nd November 2015

To mark National Stress Awareness Day, which falls on November 4 this year, we take a look at some of the weird and wonderful ways you can try to relieve your workers’ stress before it becomes a serious issue for both them and you.

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Halloween: recruitment horror stories [Infographic]

30 October 2015

As an HR professional, you'll know interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for a candidate - they may have spent hours trawling the internet for tips and advice about how to dress, different handshake styles and what to say (and more importantly, what not to say). Most of the time, nothing major happens and your candidates are fine - but sometimes you'll have no idea what situation you'll walk into.

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