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The unusual eating habits of successful people

26th September 2016

Most of us will have bizarre food habits, whether it's eating only brown foods, or occasionally sneaking that crisp sandwich when no one's looking...

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14 of the most sought after office locations & why

22nd September 2016

For businesses big and small, it’s all about location. Whether a start-up or an established company, deciding where to open an office is one of the most critical decisions there is to make.

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New stats: cancer continues to cause a third of all long-term absence claims

13th September 2016

While the focus of many wellbeing strategies is around managing mental health in the workplace, our annual claims statement released this week shows that cancer remains the highest cause of all new long-term Income Protection claims. This analysis puts cancer claims higher than mental health, musculoskeletal and heart and circulation conditions, demonstrating that there’s a need for employers to look at how they’re supporting a range of illnesses in the workplace.

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Benefex: the link between mental health and financial wellbeing

30th August 2016

Benefex guest blog

Unless we’re incredibly lucky, money worries will cross all of our paths at some point in our working lives. This often leads to stress and anxiety, which can exacerbate any existing mental health issues. Or, an underlying mental health issue can manifest behaviours which in turn intensify financial worries.

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12 books entrepreneurs live by

23rd August 2016

Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning. Whether they are relatively new to the world of business or established in their industry, they all have one thing in common – they recognise that personal growth is as important as hard work in building and maintaining a winning business.

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5 reasons the summer is great for employers

9th August 2016

We Brits wait months and months for a good spell of weather. And while we may complain about it being too hot sometimes, we’ll still pack the family in the car on a Saturday morning and head down to the coast to make the most of the sunshine.

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