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Carers Week 2016: the realities of juggling work and care

8th June 2016

Looking after an ill or elderly loved one can be a tough situation. There’s the logistics of taking them to and from appointments, or being available to go round and take care of them at a moment’s notice – but there’s also the financial implications and, not to mention the emotional strains that these periods can cause.

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These boots were made for walking: is the company dress code old fashioned?

23rd May 2016

From the famous characters in Disneyland to smart-business wear you see in the City – businesses usually have a company dress code employees have to adhere to. And that could be for professional reasons, visibility, or simply to show the brand.

But can company rules go too far?

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9 tips for building great teams - lessons from neuroscience

19th May 2016

Cezanne HR guest blog

We’ve all been in situations where something we’ve done has triggered a positive reaction from colleagues - or had the opposite effect, leaving us the challenge of putting things right. Sometimes we have a pretty good idea of why we got the reaction we did, but other experiences can leave us scratching our heads.

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Looking after your staff this Mental Health Awareness Week

16th May 2016

May 16th marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, a time when we can shed some light on a prevalent, yet still ‘taboo’ subject. Mental health issues aren’t uncommon, affecting as many as 1 in 4 people each year, as such it’s important to understand the effects of mental health issues and what can be done to help those suffering.

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How clean is your office? ... And other phobias

12th May 2016

Some people are terrified of public speaking, others can't be in the same room as a bumblebee. With phobias ranging from the common to the unusual, you're bound to have at least one thing that gives you the heebie-jeebies...

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Facing the taboo – how to support an employee through bereavement

9th May 2016

Your workforce is made up of individuals – people with different backgrounds, beliefs and family circumstances. And everyone handles situations in their own way.

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