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Make every day World Heart Day

24 September 2015

World Heart Day - 29th September

It’s on TV, adverts on the radio, social media and in shops. Celebrities rave about it on sponsored DVDs, Instagram posts and huge posters around town. Health and fitness: it’s really hard to ignore, no matter how much you want that entire bar of Galaxy chocolate.

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The 24 Most Inspirational Company Mission Statements

A mission statement traditionally acted as a way to tell potential shareholders and investors more about a company and its purpose; however, nowadays it’s as much a statement for employees and customers. Mission statements allow companies to define and establish their brand, telling the reader exactly what the company does and how, in as concise and specific a way as possible.

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Be in the now for Mindfulness Day

11 September 2015

Mindfulness Day - 12th September

In a world where we are constantly juggling work, home-life, caring responsibilities and finances, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and give ourselves a break. During WW2 and the years following, people worked 48-hour weeks on average. Despite the longer hours, however, when people left the office at the end of the day, they wouldn’t bring their work home with them.

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What's the impact of the modern workplace on our mental health?

7 September 2015

Technology has changed a momentous amount over the past 100 years, from Hewlett-Packard producing the first audio machine used in the making of Walt Disney’s Fantasia, to the Apple iWatch we now see today. In place of typewriters in the home and the office, we now have featherweight laptops and tablets – no need to change the paper or keys.

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New stats: cancer causing a third of all long-term absence claims

4 September 2015

While mental health might be the most high-profile illness facing UK employers today, our recently announced figures show that cancer remains a serious issue, causing a third of all long-term absences. It may be fairly surprising that the percentage, measured between 1st August 2014 and 31st July 2015, is higher than claims made for musculoskeletal, nervous system and heart circulation system combined.

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Back to the Future of employee benefits [Infographic]

25 August 2015

2015 – the year Marty McFly whizzes off to with Doc Brown to stop his future son from being imprisoned. Among all the scrapes they get themselves into, with Griff, Biff and co, you can’t ignore all the gadgets and gizmos that feature as part of this future world.

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