Unum’s established relationship as UK partner to the Swiss Life Network enables you to offer your multinational clients access to a range of international solutions and information. These include the areas of risk, pensions, savings, asset management, multinational pooling and updates on changes in benefits practice around the world.

The Swiss Life Network is an international association of local insurers, with more than 50 affiliates worldwide. The Network has over 40 years of international employee benefits experience, with a reputation for developing long-standing business relationships with both local partners and clients.

The UK has long been regarded as an important home for multinational companies and their regional head offices, and it is against this background that the partnership between Unum and the Swiss Life Network was formed.

Unique product offering

In the context of pooling UK financial protection insurances, both Swiss Life and Unum are unique in terms of their product offering. For example, in contrast to some other networks, Swiss Life:

  • does not restrict the level of sum assured that can be pooled
  • take risk into the pool on the basis of the full local contract - not parts thereof

Combining Unum’s expertise in claims management and the structure for pooling financial protection schemes, the Swiss Life Network is able to pool this cover on a profitable basis.

For more information on the international services that are available to your clients via the Swiss Life Network, please contact Danira Menai, Unum's UK Swiss Life representative danira.menai@swisslife.com.