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Arranging cover

If your client would like to accept one of our Flexible Benefits quotes, the steps below show you how to arrange cover.

You'll find downloadable versions of all the forms you'll need - just click on them to open.

Step 1: Fill in a Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA)

The TOBA sets out the terms and conditions upon which we accept business from an Adviser.

We need this completed document before we are able to arrange cover, so it makes sense to send it to us first - if you have not already done so - so as not to hold up the process.

Depending on where you are based, you will need to fill in one of the following two forms:

Keep a copy for your records and return the completed TOBA to us:

Agency Department
Unum Limited
Milton Court

Step 2: Answer all risk/price caveats on the quote

We'll need you to provide written confirmation for a couple of points:

  • answers to any caveats on the quote.
  • the reference number of the quote your client wants to accept.
  • the date they want the scheme to start.
  • your Financial Services Authority registration number.
  • Group Life only: confirmation that there's a Discretionary Trust in place. For more information, read our Trust Choices page.

Please post your answers to your Regional Sales Office - you can find all the office addresses in our office locations page.

Step 3: Fill in a Flex Application Form

*We will send you an Initial Group Products Flex Application Form to fill in. The form asks you to:

  • Provide information on any claims or long-term absences since you supplied the data for your quote
  • Confirm that you have an administration system in place that can provide the monthly information we require: Member's name, date of birth, gender, core and Flex benefit and their corresponding premium calculations
  • Joiners and leavers
  • Benefit movements (up and down) identifying lifestyle event changes
  • Any lives to be medically underwritten

Step 4: Guaranteeing your rates

Once we've received the answers to the questions in Step 2, and your completed Initial Group Products Flex Application Form, we'll write to let you know that the Flex SP rates and capitalisation factors have been guaranteed for 3 months*. This will give your client time to communicate and set up the scheme.

*We reserve the right to alter the core benefit rate originally quoted - this is only likely if there is a significant change in the risk profile of the scheme.

Step 5: Return the Quotation Acceptance Application Form (QAAF) and individual election data

Important: You'll need to send the Flex Application form back to us before the 3 month guarantee period expires.

You'll need to complete and return a Quotation Acceptance Application Form (QAAF). Once completed, scan* or post it back to your Regional Sales Office - you can find the relevant address on the Contact Us section of our website.

*If your client is paying premiums by Direct Debit Mandate, please provide the original copy of your completed QAAF as we are unable to process payments using a scanned copy.

Step 6: Cover will start

Once we've received your QAAF and Individual election data, we'll write to let you know that cover for your client has started (this is known as 'confirming acceptance of risk').

***Cover depends on scheme level - terms and conditions apply.***